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Migrant and refugee crisis

Migrant crisis overwhelms US cities

Walter William Safar

We can’t handle the millions and millions that have entered our country its out of control.

The migrant crisis: Why we need to speak about corruption

Latin America has seen an explosion in corruption during the pandemic, as presidential power expanded and governments sidestepped standard procedures to speed public spending on health and economic emergencies. Latin America is losing its fight against Corruption. More recently, leaders in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras dismantled the international anti-corruption platoons after investigators targeted leaders or their allies, although Honduras’s new president says ‘the country should give anti-corruption efforts another try’. (Talk about transparency in Brazil Loola del Silva two billion dollar grant to ‘culture office’.)

The refugee crisis: why we need to speak about corruption

CPI 2022 for Sub-Saharan Africa: Corruption… I have been to Nigeria, as well as to Norway. Both countries are rich in oil, but Nigeria is best described by a scene I have witnessed. Tank trucks often turn over on the wrecked and degraded roads, and there are hundreds of poor Nigerians waiting by the side of these roads to fill their buckets with oil from overturned trucks. Those who are lucky enough to survive the stampede of the hungry has the winning the ticket to another day of survival while, at the same time, the Nigerian political caste is wasting their money on luxurious limousines, jewelry and palaces. So, this political caste and their tycoons, who make their money from oil, are driven by mere profit, and let us not forget that greed is a bottomless hole. I have also been to Norway, and comparing that country to Nigeria you might think you’re on a different planet. Education and health insurance are completely free in Norway. Both on state and regional level, Norwegian politicians live much like the rest of their citizens do. They do not differ from the rest by any means, they don’t spend the tax payer’s money on luxurious limousines, jewelry or palaces, but on education, telling us that only knowledge gives birth to ideas and visions, and ideas make the world go round. Yes, the business motto of both the young and the elderly is to drive Norway forward through their ideas and visions, and so they serve their communities and them-self. In other words, the Norwegian society is profiting from creative people who aren’t inebriated with greed, but rather guided by the vision of creating valuables for the greater good. So, they are making much more money from ideas and visions than they do from oil. This example goes to show the importance of education and culture, ideas and imagination. “I don’t know much about victories, but I am sure of one thing, that Compassion  is a victory of the human spirit.”


The migrant  crisis: why we need to speak about CORRUPTION

More than two (4-6) million people are estimated to have left El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras since 2014, many fleeing poverty, violence, corruption, and other hardships.

Examples like this can be encountered in many other countries (Venezuela). It is sufficient to lean over the fence into Mexico, symbolic of Latin America in general. In this wonderful land, there is a ghastly link between the political caste and the drug cartels both at the state and the local level. This ghastly marriage doesn’t stop at destroying state institutions, it is also destroying the faith of the population.

Global migration and refugee crisis

MY FRIENDS – Solution:What can we do about it

However, instead of a coalition of all honest and thinking people and the disempowered, a coalition that would take their protest into the streets, they are all melting into an amorphous silent majority, dreaming of taking a chance in the promised land. Instead of turning their own country into a promised land, they run off to America, and this is the biggest mistake and the reason why there is an increasing number of unemployed people in this wonderful place. People do not seem to realize that this is how they are betraying the basic values of democracy, because every free individual has the power to decide their own fate. When you use your own head and heart to think, you can join in with hundreds of thousands of others who think like you do, and demand basic human rights to be honored. 

Fight for Freedom – like Ukrainians

Ukrainian Civilians Continue To Fight For Their Country Woman are Heroes. You have to heed your heart’s call, and you will hear the messengers of freedom, the brave journalists, who are tearing the masks off the political caste and the drug lords. In other words, if there were millions to protest the state of affairs in the streets of Mexico (Latin America), and if they would demand change, then change would take place. On the wave of these protests, new people would appear in politics, both domestic and foreign, people who have already proven their creativity and honor within their communities. And these creative and honorable people would go on to create humane laws for the greater good, not for the chosen political and tycoon caste. This way, creative and conscientious people would get a chance, and there would be a humane redistribution of prosperity, with no reason to try one’s luck in the U.S.A. If important institutions were to be headed by honorable and creative individuals, corrupt politicians, drug cartels would soon disappear, just like diseases disappear at the onset of vaccinations. That process would make both Mexicans, El Salvadors, Guatemalas,Honduras and Americans happy. Let us not forget that the torrent of immigrants costs billions of dollars supplied by American tax payers, but as far as Americans are concerned, this problem is secondary compared to drugs. Drug cartels aren’t just an evil presence in Mexico, but in the U.S.A. too. They don’t cause death and poverty in Mexico, but in the promised land too. The reason why the drug lords and the political caste have such a good mutual understanding is because they are linked by greed. Amidst all this inebriation with glory and money, they do not understand that they are the biggest of all losers. Yes, greed is a horrible disease that has taken more lives throughout the centuries than the plague and cholera combined. This is why everybody has the responsibility not to fall, but to defeat the other self within in a conscious effort, and only then there will be less poverty in Mexico and the rest of the world. To simplify the issue at stake: if the drug lords found their lost faith, they would rediscover themselves, because wearing golden crucifixes around their necks does not constitute faith. What does constitute faith is helping your fellow men. If we discovered that lost faith within, we would find the light that gives birth to love for every person, and then greed and poverty would be gone. Let us not fool ourselves: there is no army or police in the world that could defeat greed. It can be done only by those who are infected with this evil. It should be crystal clear that greed is the devil’s favorite elixir. A greedy person is the unluckiest and loneliest person on earth, because he trusts no one, and nothing can make him sincerely happy( Like  Putin, , Xi, monster tyrant Bashar al -Assad, Iran’s S.Leader,  Kim Jong Un, Nicolas Maduro, and other tyrants) . If he is after the most expensive diamond necklace in the world, he will get it at any cost, but once he owns it he won’t feel happy, but empty, and so he will be after something even more precious, like a company, which will be accompanied by an even greater emptiness, and then this vicious cycle will go on and on. Once he’s on his deathbed – and he will be, since death cannot be bribed – he will call His name much louder than those who were not high on greed

What can we do about it?

Start by recognizing the link between corruption, insecurity, and migration. Corruption permeates nearly all government institutions throughout the region. Corruption has allowed criminal networks to infiltrate state institutions while corroding access to, and the quality of, education, health, public security and other basic public services. Strengthening the rule of law and tackling corruption should be top priorities for U.S. policy in Central America.

Everybody Hurts