Walter William Safar

Sadly, hatred and intolerance follow humanity more closely than its own shadow. Those who like to brag about their civilizational norms often turn out to be the worst primitives. Statements made by some European statesmen are the best example for that

Milos Zeman, the Czech president, claimed that allowing the refugees to enter Czech territory carries three distinct risks: the spreading of epidemics, ISIL terrorism and the emergence of new ghettos

In a Twitter discussion, in which it was suggested that Slovenia should admit only Christian immigrants, journalist and publicist Sebastian Erlah said that he would be “even more radical” and order any immigrant within 500 meters to be shot, regardless of their religious adherence. “Let them approach to within 500 meters of the border and shoot the rest. God will know his own.” Erlah said, causing general uproar and disgust after his message was published by other media.

If we’re forced to, we shall build a fence on our border to Croatia, said Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban in Brussels this evening while replying to a journalist’s question on what will happen if immigrants manage to circumvent the fence that was already built on the border between Hungary and Serbia by going through Croatia.


Any sane-minded and pure-hearted person must be blushing with shame while reading this. Why?

Allow me to cite a wise person: Because God intended humans to be human to other humans, regardless of skin color, race, gender or religion. The irony is even bigger if we keep in mind that those who pretend to be protectors of Christianity are the worst sinners. Yes, the above mentioned gentlemen claim to be major believers. They must be thinking that they are protectors of Christianity by default. Life teaches us that infidels can turn to believers, but pharisees can’t. I am a Christian and a Catholic who feels that the Lord is inside every person who does good unto others.


Croatia joined the European Union humanitarian effort “Triton 2015” and we are proud thereof, because it goes to show that even a small country can make a difference when it comes to saving refugees. The staff aboard two navy vessels savd more than two thousand refugees in just a few days. A young Croatian officer said that he never felt happier than the moment he saw a broad smile on a child’s face. It was a Syrian boy who was thorn away from his home by the war, as were most refugees. After the war robbed them of their childhood, do we really need to rob them of their trust in people too? Thank God there are still benefactors who re-enforce this trust. Because of these noble people who are saving refugees, I once again am proud to be human. Perhaps the presidents of the Czech Republic and Hungary perceive themselves as some kind of “guardians of civilization” above whose heads the stars of the European Union hover like aureolas. They might have mastered the red carpet walk, but to me the squads of the aforementioned navy vessels are the true representatives of humanity and guardians of civilization.

Sadly, the governments of Greece, Macedonia and Hungary are treating refugees in a shameful manner. In Budapest, refugees aren’t allowed to board trains, even though most of them own tickets. One young Syrian refugee told CNN: “We escaped Bashar Al-Assad and the ISIS terrorists, and we don’t want to stay in Hungary. All they have to do is to let us go to Germany… but why… why are they treating us worse than dogs? They want to lock us into camps like mad dogs. If I knew they would treat us in such an inhumane way, I would have stay in war-thorn Syria, because it’s better to die once rather than repeatedly…”


A few days ago, I received a touching e-mail from Marko Frankopan, a philosopher and humanist, and a missionary of humanity. Here’s a quote:

“It is laudable of the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches in Croatia, as well as the Jewish and Moslem communities to stand together, calling out to believers, non-believers and all good-will people to pray and show their solidarity with refugees. When wars or natural disasters are ravaging the world, people have to show their human qualities, which proves that there is still hope for mankind. Compassion is a virtue that cannot be bought with any kind of money. You can’t issue a decree to force people into becoming compassionate, all you can do is try to open the gates to their hearts through humility. We don’t need to be in church to ask ourselves: is this hapless mother less worthy than out mothers? This shocking photo has been seen throughout the world: ––djevojcice-koja-je-obisla-svijet-fotogalerija/0/77466/)

Is this unlucky child less worthy than out children: –

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Hatred is a nefarious disease that affects weak-spirited people around the world. This is precisely why the ISIS terrorist organization has chosen hatred as its most powerful weapon of choice. The ruthless tyrant Bashar Al-Assad is killing freedom, just as ISIS does – they are but two sides to the same pagan coin. Wise people say that had the “civilized” world acted on time, Al-Assad would have been overthrown after the initial student demonstrations, and the ISIL terrorist organization would never have been established. See more at: Cunning tyrant Bashar Al-Assad created ISIS with his strategy of terror

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Who is providing the ruthless Al-Assad with the most support? Putin the Emperor! They are both connected by an insatiable thirst for power and immortality. Like pharaohs, they believe that they themselves are their nations’ destinies. Yes, hatred and greed for power killed more people throughout human history than the pest and cholera did. If we hate people on the basis of their different religion or skin color, we should ask ourselves whether we became just like those whom we are justified to call barbarians. There is an immense amount of hatred and primitivism in most forums owned by big news portals in Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, which only goes to show that weak-spirited people are prisoners inside Plato’s cave. Diversity enriches us, because the Lord created us to treat others the way we treat ourselves, regardless of skin color, race, gender or religion. Those who hate should ask themselves: “Those evil and malevolent ISIS terrorists hate diversity… am I becoming like them?” There is good and evil in all of us, and life wisely teaches us that love and compassion are the best means of defense against evil. All kinds of African, Arab, Asian, small and big dictators, as well as small people poisoned with hate, can’t seem to understand this simple and noble call of life. Why is this the case? Because weak-spirited people fall, while people with strong spirits and beliefs shall never fall or stray in the dark. No one owns God, as he is mercifully serving all mankind. Those who offend Him don’t understand that they are offending themselves, because the Creator resides within every person unless that person banishes Him from his soul through means of hatred, greed and insensitivity. Yes, the beloved Creator gave us the soul as a paradise oasis of emotions, and there is no virtuous life without emotions – compassion, happiness, love, honesty, kindness, wisdom and faith. In his mercy, God gave us the freedom to choose, and every person has the liberty to choose between the path of darkness or the path of life. Whether we admit to it or not, good and evil live in everybody, and yes, there is the freedom to choose between good and evil. In Europe, many people wonder why refugees aren’t migrating into the wealthiest Arab countries, such as Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. To begin with, it’s good to know that these countries have very strict visa policies. They admit cheap labor from Africa and Asia, while all well-paid jobs are reserved for domestic workers. They do not want Syrian refugees, because they are afraid that these might start demonstrations demanding democracy, as they did in Syria. Also, Syrians do not want to replace one tyrant with another. After all, it is known that most of these countries are kingdoms and, in a way, Assad was a king too. It should be said that the kings of Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia treat their citizens better than Assad does. The monster that is killing his people with chemical weapons for the sake of power belongs to the infernal gallery of the worst tyrants in human history. It should be honestly admitted that the sheiks and rulers of Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are partly to blame for the destruction of Syria because of their delayed reaction. When Assad crossed the “red line”, American president Obama was left alone with his idea to establish a no-fly-zone. Even the British prime minister Cameron withdrew, his alibi being that the British parlament voted against air strikes (and the Russian emperor Putin played the key role in saving Assad). But the wealthiest countries of the Arab League are also to blame, and these days their guilt is even bigger, because it is really hypocritical of their leaders to accuse Europeans of closing the gates on refugees, while they are closing their own gates at the same time. See more at: –


The commanders of the Free Syrian Army are justified to call on the wealthy sheiks’ consciences because, while these are wasting billions of oil dollars on expensive yachts, people are dying before their very eyes. It is a sin to turn away from those in need. It is a sin not to fight terrorism. Our silence is the biggest gift the Islamic militants have ever received. We are accessories to their success. There is an ongoing assault on our values, and we have to fight that. Islam has been brutally taken away from us, and it is time to win it back, said Jordanian queen Rania al-Abdulah for the Independent. Yes, queen Rania is like a heroine from the most beautiful of poems. Even a poet’s imagination cannot create such a beauty of body and soul, and isn’t this worth more than diamonds, yachts and gold? Sheiks should know that short-term thinking is a sin, because renewable energy will soon be the main source of energy. Fossil fuels will be a thing of the past, and countries that lived off it will become poor unless they adapt to new sources of energy. See more at:


Still, the hypocrisy and insensitivity of the Arab League leaders cannot be an excuse for the Czech and Hungarian presidents’ intolerance towards refugees. They are our brothers and sisters, their blood is of the same color as ours, their tears are of the same colors as ours, and so is their soul. Some might dispiritedly say that mankind is losing the battle, but I feel that there is an increasing number of good people, because life itself would decay if it wasn’t for that. For as long as there are media like CNN, who became the voice and eyes of humanity by spreading the truth, there is no need to be afraid for mankind. For as long as there are benefactors, there is no need to be afraid for mankind. Some conspiracy theory fans might claim that these wars are backed by evil masons, Bilderbergs and Rockefellers, or other secret organizations. Still, there are two sides to the coin. David Rockefeller might not be a saint, because he had to play it cool and cunning to remain at the throne of a business empire such as his, but David Rockefeller started a foundation that donated billions of dollars for food and education of the poor around the world:

Many conspiracy theorists put a fanatical effort to weave a web around the “invisible” world leaders who are supposed to be installing a “new world order” dominated by just a few people. Conspiracy theorists, just like prospectors, often end up empty-handed and helplessly hallucinating. Janko Bucar of the University of Zagreb offered splendidly ironic commentary on that: “David Rockefeller just informed me that all the presidents of democratic states were installed by him, not by the people, while terrorists, fascists and communists were chosen by the people at democratic elections held on the same day, at the same hour, minute and second – the day after tomorrow.”

Sadly, the number of poor people is growing worldwide. Africa is full of dictators, as is Asia and the Near East. Europe is full of corrupt politicians elected in democratic elections, and so thinking people around the world are right to wonder whether the tsunami of the poor heading toward wealthy countries can be stopped at all. The solution to this is to be found in this essay: Ideas make the world go round –


We are back at the start: the Creator gave us the freedom to choose, and the rest is just excuse upon excuse. Compassion isn’t limited to the poor, just like insensitivity isn’t limited to the rich. In order to be human, one only needs to open his heart. The more compassionate a person is when it comes to those in need, the bigger a trace he leaves behind himself, as does the light emanating from his soul during his lifetime.

We should walk a mile in the refugees’ shoes and ask ourselves: how can we stop believing in salvation?



I walk the crumbling streets of Homs,
The city of ghosts watches the bloody sky with its dead black eyes,
There are scattered bodies of children around me,
Mothers in black,
Old men cursing the destiny
That condemned them to outlive their own children and grandchildren.

And before the sad wind extricated the
Dead child’s hair,
They carried him to a tight, pestilent, dirty burial place,
From which foul diseases spread to the bodies of brothers and sisters.

And a mother nurtures a rosebud with her tears
In the place where they quickly buried her beloved
When darkness entwines their torn down homes,
A silent row of black shadows walk on a road with no return
In that same sun
And wailing wind,
Because you can’t arrive too soon at such a place
Or stay too long!
The prayer of weeping mothers doesn’t reach high.
Here, it seems that even prayers have their price.

While the tyrant Bashar Al Assad watches the stars,
Genuine dreamers lose theirs.
Death, it knows that down here,
Where the bloody trail vanishes in the labyrinth of wishes,
There isn’t much justice,
And so, inebriated on the bloody haze, it won’t go rest.

Come on, you scattered lights,
To the windows of these pestilent
And sad houses,
The echo of prayers wailed
Like a bat in the fog.
But before the next grenade whistled to praise death,
A girl ran for her plush bear,
As if it was her brother, made of the same flesh and blood,
And now they are both off
On that road of no return.

Where is that heart of mankind
Now that its mortal remains rest in its yard?
Because it took a tear much sooner…
Before the tyrant imprisoned Syria
In the darkness of his cold heart.

©Walter William Safar


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