Natječaj: SWAN Day Berlin 2009

SWAN Day Berlin 2009, or Support Women Artists Now Day, is a four-day
festival including performances, installations, music, a short film program, workshops, discussions and an Open Space. It will take place March 26 – 29, 2009.

We invite women artists of all disciplines to apply for participation in the festival SWAN Day Berlin 2009. Participating artists will receive payment.

We are looking for short pieces from female artists of every discipline including dance, theater, music, performance art, spoken word, interdisciplinary, etc. Each piece may be up to a maximum of ten minutes long; excerpts of longer works also accepted. In order to be eligible, the driving creative force behind the work submitted (the choreographer, director, playwright, composer, etc.) must be a woman.

Filmmakers or visual artists may also apply with short films or an
installation, exhibition, etc., for SWAN Day Berlin 2009.

Please visit our website for more information and to download our
application form:

Performance Lab Berlin
PF 360219, 10972 Berlin, Germany

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