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Is programming people into robot 1 and robot 2 happening?

What is the purpose of life?

By Walter William Safar

Is programming people into robot 1 and robot 2 happening?

Canada decided to replace the expressions „mother“ and „father“ with „parents“ in official forms, as well as remove the use of the expressions „mister“ and „miss“, unless individuals demand it.

This is an interesting comment: „I just don’t understand why they failed to remember that the name Canada is of female gender, so they should look for a new name that won’t „offend“ anyone. And anyway, the word „parent“ is of male gender, which makes it sound suspicious to be used in the new revolution to me. In any case, there is ongoing reprogramming of mankind.“

Yes, one must wonder whether there is an ongoing programming of people into robot 1 and robot 2. Media report that scientists will clone stem cells in the near future, which is prerequisite for the cloning of man, and isn’t the Canadian government’s decision akin to cloning people? If you deprive people of the liberty to think and write, you deny them the right to have emotions, you take away their souls, and what you get is a clone.

I wonder what my brother in arms, the great Gustave Flaubert, would think about this language rape committed by agressive leftists. I feel that the genius writer would fall into a deep depression. Personally, I feel depressed because of the many dilemmas I am presented with. For example, if I wanted to write to the Canadian prime minister, how shoud I address him? Robot 1 or robot 2, mister or miss, prime minister or prime mistress? If I write a novel, what should a teacher tell a student? To tell their father, mother, parent 1, parent 2, robot 1 or robot 2 to come to the parent-teacher meeting? Will Canadian publishers refuse my poetry collection if I celebrate the beauty of a female muse in a love poem with lyric metaphors?… What if they coldly ask me to get my muse’s permission first? How do I explain to them that the muse in question might be a figment of my imagination? Will the Canadian government change the title of the masterpiece „Madame Bovary“ to just „Bovary“? Because they can’t ask the author of this masterwork for his opinion; as far as I know, Gustave Flaubert is dead. To me, his soul, as well as his work, is immortal, but is it the same for Justin? What about the soul? Will the soul be forbidden in this leftist linguistic offensive? I’m afraid that these unfortunate people do not understand that art without a soul is dead. “Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and feeling souls.”(Voltaire) How would the great French philosopher have coined this outstanding thought without mentioning the soul? Because the invisible has no name for leftists, including the soul and its Creator. And, according to their philosophy, what can’t be seen does not exist. Now for a question – we cannot see love with our bare eyes, but those who feel it know that it exists, and there is not a single person on the face of earth who has never once in their life been in love, happily or otherwise. And these feelings, like the clearest of mountain streams, flow into the river of memories, and as a philosopher once wisely said, memories are the heavenly oasus from which we can’t be banished. Everybody in their own way, including many scientists, confirm St. Paul’s viewpoint: „So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.“ (Corinthians II, 4:18) Or, as Henry Drummond says in his Natural Law in the Spiritual World: “The physical properties of matter form the alphabet which is put into our hands by God, the study of which, if properly conducted, will enable us more perfectly to read that great book which we call the ‘Universe.’“ Ralph Waldo Trine says: „Everything is first worked out in the unseen before it is manifested in the seen, in the ideal before it is realized in the real, in the spiritual before it shows forth in the material. The realm of the unseen is the realm of cause. The realm of the seen is the realm of effect. The nature of effect is always determined and conditioned by the nature of its cause.“ „The visible is the ladder up to the invisible; the temporal is but the scaffolding of the eternal.“ – Henry Drummond.

The soul is the heavenly oasis of noble emotions that makes us human – compassion, hope, dreams, joy, sorrow, love, conscience and faith are the light that dreamers follow along the path of dreams. In a way, our life is a path of dreams for each human being. The stronger someone’s spirit, the stronger their conscience. Without conscience, it is easy to stray off in the thick forest of temptations, because a person without a conscience is like a lamp without oil.

The wisdom of conscience is as essential as the air that we breathe, and just as impalpable. It appears to rise from the depths of our being, but it is still reflected in all we say and do.“

This is how we measure our moral value. It serves as useful building material for our character. Conscience has nothing in common with our intelligence quotient or school grades. On the other hand, it probably has a lot in common with the highest level of mental, emotional and spiritual evolution we express.

Conscience is also described as „divine kindness at the root of all kinds of existence“. It exists in all we see and whenever we look at it. The touch of this source of divine kindness can be introduced and illuminated in everyone at any time. It resides in every corner of the mind and appears when we least expect it. Henry Van Dyke said: “A clean and sensitive conscience, a steady and scrupulous integrity in small things as well as large, is the most valuable of all possessions, to a nation as to an individual.”

Our conscience, that great book in which all our transgressions are logged, tortures our soul with the memory of past sins, it makes us think, it makes us accuse and condemn ourselves.- Robert Burton The soul is the driving force behind any free individual, and this is why those who favour collectivism fear it. Every person has the freedom to choose between good and evil. It is this freedom of choice that makes a society more free, progressive and humane.

The more free, humane, compassionate, just, educated, scrupulous and creative an individual is, the more humane and free will the society become, lest we forget that the system is not made of cosmic particles, but free individuals with souls. Marxists will always favour collectivism, because it is easy to manipulate the ignorant masses, much easier than a free-minded individual (let’s not forget that Hitler was a national socialist, as was Stalin). Skeptics might ask if this means that I am opposed to demonstrations and strikes. Of course not, regardless of who is on strike, liberals or conservatives. Why? Because without the freedom of speech and writing, there can be no free society and no democracy – only tyranny. I wouldn’t want anyone to think of me as condescending, but I want to emphasize the value of education. If half a million educated individuals are demonstrating, the leaders will hardly be able to manipulate them like they could half a million uneducated people. Of course, we should bear in mind that people without conscience and ethics, even if they are highly educated, are worthless to society.

Let us return to Canada. Linguistic assailants will claim that Canada is a progressive and wealthy country, but they are oblivious to freedom. Linguistic agression is killing the freedom to speak and write, as well as individuality. Collectivism leads to lobotomy. Could it be that the evil spirit of Marx has entered the minds of agressive leftists, those who call themselves liberals? With their linguistic offensive, Marxists attack the freedom of speech. They are oblivious to the fact that free-minded people improve the world, and that the greatest minds were also the greatest dreamers. Let us not forget that visions move the world, and without dreams, there are no visions.

History teaches us that the greatest artist and scientists were religios. Humans are different from animals not just due to cognitive abilities, but also by being able to contemplate the future. Still, life wisely teaches us that without a soul, people would merely be stale water imprisoned in a well of space and time, but the soul makes him a free mountain stream, unstoppably breaking through space and time into the spring of life. With all of their shortcomings, greed, hatred, and intolerance, thanks to their souls people are still eternally flowing springs of life, nurishing and motivating future generations to travel into a brighter future. The intelectual elite would be well advised to sometimes listen to the voice of the people. Here are some interesting comments from a Croatian internet portal:


DNA is perfection, and scientists are aware that they wouldn’t be able to create it in fourty billion years, which is confirmed by the best computers. If, according to them, nothingness created this world, then they are a thousand times more stupid than nothingness. It’s math.


Without a Creator to start it all, there would be nothing – and nothing can be explained, neither the Big Bang Theory (how did the blazing sphere come to be, randomly?), nor evolution (did the first living being come randomly into existence?)… There must be SOMEONE (a Creator) who created the primordial, from which everything else then developed over billions of years! Only naive people and fools believe in random things!

Sv Franjo:

Science deals with exploring the world and applying it for the greater good, while atheists aggrandize the myth of a past that never happened. Nothing can come into existence by itself. The big bang of stupidity can’t even be approved in the kindergarten. Even in chemistry, there is a law that nothing ever disappears, but instead just changes shape etc. So, nothing comes into existence by itself. DNA contains as much information as the entire universe. The best computer in the world looks like a product of the stone age in comparison. Even a computer or an airplane would come into existence on their own more easily, because they are more primitive. But there are no self-created ones anywhere. People, use your brains and son’t let atheists lie to you, because they are lying to the ignorant. Earth was created as a learning space, so let’s learn.


Science is a human activity aimed at finding out whatever is given by the Lord. To make it easier to understand: H2O is the formula for water. This valency and those bonds are given by the Lord, and all that the scientists did was to find out that given. Working in science is a continuous process, and we are only at the beginning. Why wonder when scientists are awed by discoveries and by the one who created whatever they discovered.


How can anyone believe that something as complex as the human body, and especially the brain that medicine knows almost nothing about, came into existence from some stupid big bang that atheists, due to their inabilities, claim to be the creator of everything. The universe and all its harmony are the obvious work of the most perfect Lord Creator who is at the beginning of eternity.

Through linguistic assailing, agressive atheist leftists attack the freedom of speech, not realizing that the entire universe is one big thought. SOME ASTRONOMERS who are discovering incomprehensibly great macrocosmic complexities, as well as nuclear physicists who explore the fantastic microcosmic diversities conclude that the universe has all the properties of intelligent design. The famous physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: „The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.“

Here’s a quote from an interesting interview given by the famous philosopher and psychologist Jordan Peterson:

Dr. Peterson, I thought it would be best to start by discussing the new Canadian C-16 law, because in a way it initiated your public engagement, but it also provides the thematic framework to the rest of this interview. For a start, perhaps you could present a synopsis of this law.“

Of course. It is a law that raised gender identity and expression to the level of protected categories. To me, it seemed like a thinly veiled unscientific initiative attempting to support the law containing an entire postmodern view of gender, in which it succeeded. The law was written in a way as to be interpreted in the contect of Canadian politics previously implemented on the provincial level by the Ontario Committee on Human Rights.

The tempting thing about it is, apart from being short, that it does not seem particularly dangerous, but if you pay attention to the set of laws that build the framework within which this law is interpreted, you realize that this tiny law contains an entire war on freedom of speech. The federal government crossed the line with this. This is what happened: it’s not just that it adds the category of gender, or sex, being interpreted as a social given, but acording to the law the language is changed as well!

This entire war regarding pronouns and multiplying those absurd pronouns such as zhe and zher is simply an attempt to create an advantage in the language domain by the political left. These pronouns basically work as some kind of semantic advance guard of a radical leftist ideology rooted in the very same impulse that, say, Marxism unloaded onto the former Soviet Union or Mao’s China. What kind of impulse is it? The kind that determines the identity of the individual according to group identity. This is the fundamental philosophy of leftist activists. These are identity policies. (Jordan Peterson)

Agressive leftist philosophers, like fanatical flag-bearers of the language offensive, will angrily label Dr. Peterson as a new spiritual leader of the alt-right movement. „I always considered myself a classical British-type liberal. I’m an individualist, not a collectivist, and I am certainly not on the political right! This is completely absurd, and it is in the interest of the radical left to use such extreme labels against any individual who does not agree with them!“ (Jordan Peterson)

Yes, just like art, philosophy should be immune to the disease called ideology. What is the purpose of philosophy? The purpose of philosophy is not just the quest for knowledge, but also for spirituality, because knowledge without soul is like a wingless bird. When you are threatened by waves of doubt, let your free spirit be your life’s sail. The purpose of philosophy is to create friends in wisdom and love, not enemies in hatred. Philosophy comes from the word „philos“, which means friend, and „sophia“, which means wisdom. Philosophy doesn’t just travel the hidden ravines of the human mind, but also the path of dreams that ends in the human soul, because the soul is the sacred sanctuary that makes people more ethical, wiser, more provident in mind and spirit and, what’s most important, more compassionate and humane. Sometimes I might stray in the labyrinth of doubt, but I am certain that compassion is the greatest victory of human spirit. And let us not forget that the human spirit is every person’s most faithful compatriot in the thick forest of temptation. Only a free-spirited person can follow His light. It is part of human nature to seek out new worlds, and to change the world without realizing that the most beautiful of all worlds are the ones within, and that in order to change the world you must change yourself. Each new friendship is a newly discovered world. And this is the purpose of philosophy, the eternal quest for new worlds that hide around us and inside us. When you feel inner harmony, you know you have arrived in the land of harmony.

At some point in life, everyone wonders about the meaning of life.

Since time immemorial, it has been known that love makes the world go round, and the human soul is the heavenly sanctuary of love. I often wonder why there are so many wars and so much hunger in the world, when people can choose love, especially since love doesn’t require power or money. It must be because people must probably make their way through darkness before they realize the immensity of light.

If you ask yourself how to stop wars and hunger in the world, leave the shadow of the cold system and look up at the stars just like a dreamer does – spontaneously in love. Think of yourself as an astronaut lovingly observing planet Earth from their spaceship. There,my Friends, if everyone would observe planet Earth with the eyes of an astronaut, people would not destroy mother nature. Instead, they would love it as they love themselves, and any person would be a person with a soul to another, just like the Creator teaches us, instead of being robot 1 and 2. There would be peace and harmony on this one and only beautiful planet Earth, just like there is in far more advanced divine beings in the universe.