Is the annihilation of the right to life hiding behind freedom?

Walter William Safar web

The second month (between the 5th and 8th week of pregnancy): the heart is beating

Walter William Safar webThe child’s blood vessels, which have developed in the meantime, are linked to the mother’s blood circulation. You can already notice that there is a little person growing inside you. During the fifth week, your baby’s heart starts beating, and the arms and legs become visible like small buds. A few days later, the baby inside you can already turn its head

Yes, many will say that the right to choose abortion is the most important one, and this is correct, but our conscience is asking us: where does the right to choose stop? At the point where you’re denying someone else’s right to choose? Who can deprive the baby, growing inside its pregnant mother demanding her right to choose, of its right to live? http://www. index.php?p=Pro-life_answers

Any progressive democratic society has the duty to assist pregnant mothers who are faced with the dilemma whether to give birth or to abort the pregnancy due to poverty, disappointment, deception, torture or rape. Sadly, there will always be intolerant people, like those who put the blame on such pregnant women themselves, calling them harlots, where such medieval curses are a reflection of their own primitivism and smugness. A kind word from the heart and soul, and a warm gaze from fellow humans can make a difference in a young mother’s life (psychologists claim that mothers who chose to abort their pregnancies are branded with guilt and a lifetime of reconsideration, while those who give birth gain a new sense of purpose in life).

The question for all supreme court judges of the free world is whether life begins with conception or not. Scientists agree that it does. Abortion (lat. abruptio graviditatis) is a termination of pregnancy induced by removing the embryo from the uterus. Now, the question of all questions is whether the scientific, moral and legal destruction of the embryo – the abortion – is conscious murder. Or is the embryo not the product of life? Isn’t the purpose of judiciary to prevent corruption, immorality, rape, murder and all the vice that is leading society into anarchy and chaos? It doesn’t take a scientist, judge or politician to feel love  for life.

Love is the invisible natural thread that links human hearts, that silky thread of human survival woven by the magnificently merciful hand of the Creator. This invisible hand is pushing people into nature’s embrace, because the unnatural ends in the destruction of the natural. When greed drives us into ruling mother Nature, we are marching on the unnatural road towards self-destruction. Let’s not forget that nature can survive without humans, but humans can’t survive without nature.


Only after humans evolve spiritually and morally, perhaps in a thousand years, will there be magnificent discoveries that will become sails for humanity to travel the ocean of space. Today, on such a low level of spirituality and morality, humanity cannot possibly travel to other planets outside the solar system. Why? Well, look at what people are doing to others – wars, hunger, the spreading of deadly virii; or, what people are doing to animals and nature, and you shall easily understand. On such a low level of consciousness and spirituality, humans are like deadly virii to other planets outside the solar system, which are on higher spiritual, mental and moral levels. Without spiritual cleansing, there is no conscience. And why is conscience important?

The wisdom of conscience is as critical as the air that we breathe, and just as impalpable. It seems to arise from the depths of our being, yet it is reflected in every word we say and each action we take. This is how we measure our moral value. It serves as a useful building block for our character. Conscience has nothing to do with IQ, nor with school grades. On the other hand, it probably has much to do with the highest levels of mental, emotional and spiritual evolution we express.

Conscience is a great ledger-book, in which all our offenses are written and registered, and which time reveals to the sense and feeling of the offender. – Robert Burton

Conscience is also described as the “divine good that is in the root of all forms of existence”. It exists in everything we look at, and whenever we look at it. The touch of that source of divine good can be introduced to and lit up within everyone at any time. It can be found in the corners of every mind, and it appears when we least expect it.

Henry van Dyke said: “A clean and sensitive conscience, a steady and scrupulous integrity in small things as well as large, is the most valuable of all possessions, to a nation as to an individual.”

When mankind leans towards the unnatural, it loses immunity and causes side effects which manifest themselves in pandemics of deadly virii (like AIDS). It is the same with GMO (unnatural food which doesn’t only destroy animals, but people too – let us remember cow madness, bird flu and who knows how many other diseases which are injected into hapless animals by humans, all because of profit…), and we could go on listing deadly virii created in the search of the unnatural. When corporate public relations, enriching themselves on GMO food, claim that half of Africa would die without their products, they are forgetting that the blame for African poverty is to be put on corruption and the infinite freed of greater and lesser African dictators, and members of political castes, as well as their greedy business mentors from powerful international banks and corporations, who view Africans as cheap labor. It is the same with most poor countries in the world (see:, and who is to blame? Greed! Yes, that infernal elixir is robbing humans of their minds and souls, and it always pushes them towards the unnatural. The greed for profit is the soul’s killer! To be fair, there are great business visionaries in the world’s wealthiest and most powerful country, the U.S.A., as well as other wealthy capitalist countries, who found a way to save their souls by helping those in need, they felt the magnificence of helping others, and as such they may consider themselves born again – kindness became the sail of their lives. The good deeds performed by such charitable people leave indelible traces in the sands of time. Upon departing, each person leaves a shadow behind, which is the size of the light emanating from their soul while they are still alive.

Sadly, there is also another type of wealthy people, those with a misguided business intelligence. Such people even want to become masters of life and death without understanding that they are mostly punishing themselves. It’s the old proverb – those who sell their souls for power and money are forever without emotions, and emotions are the salt of life.

When a person wants to clone stem cells in a laboratory, pretending that they want to cure incurable diseases, then they are driving themselves into a bottomless void, because cloning man is akin to murdering a man with a soul. Those wealthy people and all kinds of Putinists, who want to rule over life and death, are also the biggest shareholders in the most powerful of corporations, and they want to defeat death. (We know that death is an incorruptible judge, because no amount of power and money is capable of bribing death. It is part of a natural process within the mega-wheel of the biological clock, which decides on time and living space according to the concepts and actions of the Creator). Through huge donations, those in power become the real owners of the most modern of laboratories, in which the brightest molecular geneticists and other fine scientific minds work on cloning the human embryo and the reprogramming of somatic cores of embryonic cell neurons or, to put it briefly: the cloning of men. The day will come when scientists will brag about cloning men, thus quenching their endless thirst of vanity wrapped in their egos, without understanding that they have opened the door to a deadly virus called insensitivity. Let us remember the Darwinist’s thesis: Evolution is based on the survival of the fittest and the elimination of the imperfect, born or unborn:

And so we must return to the beginning of this essay: only spiritual evolution can take mankind to a higher moral and ethical level, and spiritual evolution without faith is like a flightless bird.

Scientists will clone men, but they will never be able to clone the human soul. The soul is the invisible sacred home to all human emotions, without which there is no worthwhile life. A life without emotions is like spiceless food – emotions are the salt of life. Without soul, there is none of that highly praised love, and does life without love make any sense?… Those who claim that they can cure previously incurable diseases like malignant tumors, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, brain or heart strokes through stem cell cloning do not understand that those who decide are those who have donated the most money, and their number one priority will always be profit and profit only. Who can say that they won’t attempt to reach immortality by killing death?… Who says that they won’t clone people who will rule the world’s most powerful countries in their name?… The greatest scientific minds, those who are religious, are also asking these questions. These questions are nowhere near as utopian as those who don’t believe in God would have us believe. They don’t even believe in the man in the mirror, and they claim that there is no soul merely because it can’t be seen.

“The visible is the ladder up to the invisible; the temporal is but the scaffolding of the eternal.” – Henry Drummond

Some astronomers who deal with the discovery of indescribably huge complexities of the macrocosm, and the nuclear physicists who explore the fantastic diversity of the microcosm conclude that space undoubtedly has the characteristics of intelligent design. The famous physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.”

Each in their own manner, many scientists affirm Saint Paul’s stance: “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” (2 Corinthians 4:18). Or, as Henry Drummond wrote in his book Natural Law in the Spiritual World: “The physical properties of matter form the alphabet which is put into our hands by God, the study of which, if properly conducted, will enable us more perfectly to read that great book which we call the ‘Universe’.”

Ralph Waldo Trine wrote:
“Everything exists in the unseen before it is manifested or realized in the seen, and in this sense it is true that the unseen things are the real, while the things that are seen are the unreal. The unseen things are the cause, the seen things are effect. The unseen things are the eternal the seen things are the changing, the transient.”

What do these great and illuminated minds, as well as many others, tell us about the infinity of the invisible? “In the evolution of scientific thought, one fact has become impressively clear—that there is no mystery of the physical world which does not point to a mystery beyond itself… Man’s inescapable impasse is that he himself is part of the world that he seeks to explore—his body and proud brain are but mosaics of the same elemental particles that compose the dark, drifting clouds of interstellar space.” (Lincoln Barnett in his bookThe Universe and Dr. Einstein)

According to one story, while lying on a couch, Einstein closed his eyes and saw a man traveling at the speed of light. Due to this intriguing imagery, he started conducting thought experiments, which were seemingly mere flights of fancy. However, only a few years later, the viewpoints of the entire scientific community changed when nature itself affirmed Einstein’s transcendental visions. His thought experiments were rewarded with mankind’s immense progress. What is a thought experiment? It’s a particular way of leading our mind to new places, prompting ourselves into looking at things from a different angle.

Imelda Shanklin wrote: “When you rule your mind you rule your world. When you choose your thoughts you choose results. The visible part of your life stems from your mind, and your thoughts shape it and mark it, just like coins are shaped and marked by mechanisms through which ore is turned into coins. So, if we become a part of what we think, how can we reach the fear that leads the way from the “invisible” to the “visible”?”

Yes, life wisely teaches us, the children of the sacred soul, about emotions – love, sadness, happiness we cannot see, yet we know they exist in us and around us. Just like we feel that He exists in us and around us. This is the feeling that the spiritual eye sees more clearly than any microscope or scientific eye. “Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal.” (Mary Baker Eddy)

Is there a spiritual eye clearer than love?