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WW Safar: An open letter to American people

I swear that this open letter was written from the heart to the hearts of all people of good will. Is it bad to be open and honest to the bottom of my soul? After all, as the good Lord himself put it mercifully, ‘Open yourself, man, and my gates shall open for you.’

Walter William Safar

Walter William Safar webMost undecided voters aren’t aware of the importance of the upcoming 2016 presidential elections, and this is why the sacred duty of all well-intended thinking people is to motivate undecided voters to act. Yes, my good man, your vote is your destiny. The eyes of the whole world are focused on the American nation, which proves the importance of these elections, because there is a choice between those who build bridges between people and those who destroy them. A significant number of people in America, as well as around the world claim, with a chill in their hearts, that in case of a Trump victory it will effectively be Putin’s victory instead of America’s. Most accomplished political analysts around the world agree that Trump is merely a puppet on Putin’s string. Even a significant number of Republican icons invited the Republican caucus not to vote for Trump because, in case he wins, theU.S.A. will become a puppet on a Russian string, and the free world will fall into the arms of Tzar Putin, introducing a tyranny whose like the world hasn’t seen yet.

People are wondering what it is that moves some people to walk over corpses to gain power. It’s greed! Yes, greed is the devil’s favorite elixir that breaks weak-spirited people. The demon of dead tyrants enters such weak-spirited people like an ancient curse of betrayed souls.

We know that Russia seems to be hypnotized by Putin almost in its entirety, which isn’t particularly surprising, knowing that a former KGB agent controls all the media, the judiciary, the police, the army – all in all, each and every institutions, just like it was back in the times of Ivan the Terrible. Because of this, it wasn’t too hard for Putin to lobotomize the Russians, who watch his photos with reverence, as if he is a saint who will resurrect the Russian Empire. That honorable progressive minority that still dares to use their own heads is stigmatized by pro-regime media as enemies of the people (this demon seems to have entered the heart of Europe, too, as the minor Hungarian tzar Orban adores Putin. It is interesting to see that most Serb politicians also consider Putin to be their savior. The elections in Serbia were easily won by followers of Milosevic, the butcher of the Balkans, and self-declared fascist Chetniks and national socialists, which is a headache in the making for the E.U.). 

What is it like in Russia? Hundreds of liberal-minded journalists, opposition politicians, and human rights activists simply vanished in the night. Those who ordered the murders were never tried in a court. How would they be when justice itself was banned in Putin’s Russia a long time ago. Fear became Putin’s most powerful weapon. Fear is the golden needle that Putin uses to crochet laws to suit him. The question above all questions for all the undecided voters in America is: Is this the America you want? Do you want to throwAmerica and the entire free world into the chains of such people, who thirst for power?

Those who think that Putin will stop at the Ukraine and the Middle East are dead wrong (Syria fell into Putin’s arms due to the British and Obama’s hesitation). Why are they wrong? Because greed has long since enslaved Putin’s soul. Since the day he started the quest to climb the Russian throne, he is ripe with the desire to become the most powerful emperor in Russian history. This desire is so powerful that you can practically hear it whispering: “If I managed to become the undisputed emperor of Russia, why shouldn’t I try to do the same with the rest of the world. But without a victory over the U.S.A., it’s an impossible mission. How can I defeat the world’s most powerful army? By using their most powerful weapon – democratic elections. By helping that clown Trump win the elections, I can rule the world.”

Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who is the vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said she was “shocked” to read Comey’s letter.

“Director Comey’s announcement played right into the political campaign of Donald Trump,” she said in a statement.

When a sane-minded and pure-hearted person knows what the cunning and unswerving emperor Putin is ready to do, the following question shouldn’t come as a surprise: “Perhaps the FBI’s director got an immoral financial offer from Putin, one that he couldn’t decline? Could it be that emperor Putin’s cunning agents dug out some dark secrets about his private life, in order to blackmail him? Isn’t this their exact ghastly modus operandi?”

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These are the questions that hover above the American nation like bats in a fog. It should be mentioned that most FBI employees are honorable people who indebted the American nation with their honesty, knowledge, bravery and with their fearless and unbreakable battle against domestic and international money laundering, as well as drug and human trafficking. And these honorable people are those who are particularly ashamed for this inexplicably politically damaging decision made by the director of the FBI. This decision is directly affecting the elections or, to be precise, it is a new wind in Trump’s sails. Or, even more precisely, it is a decision that aids the emperor Putin.

Trump is publicly bragging to be no less than an economic wizard who will make Americagreat again. For a start, America is already great. After the 2008 elections and thanks to president Obama and his diligent administration, 14 million new jobs were opened. Hundreds of millions of dollars were invested into renewable energy sources. Also, all that Trump can do is turn the U.S.A. into Putin’s puppet on a string, and the free world believes that A President Trump could destroy the world economy. Furthermore, Trump is accusing Hillary Clinton of corruption, while at the same time bragging about his own genius to the media, the fact that he failed to pay more than a billion dollars in taxes. An Open Letter to Donald Trump: Make Your Tax Return Public . Working people must pay taxes. Business visionaries must pay taxes. Scientists, professors, and philosopher must pay taxes. Artists and sportsmen must pay taxes. Journalists must pay taxes. Judges and politicians must pay their taxes too. Trump, however, seems to be tax-exempt. One would be justified to wonder whether this is characteristic of a dictator. Doesn’t Trump understand that the failure to pay his taxes is akin to undermining national security? Why? Because taxes go to finance the army, the police, public schoos and hospitals, the judiciary, the administration and all those institutions without which the U.S.A. would not function as a free and democratic country. Yes, Mr. Trump: “You gotta pay your taxes”.

Trump is making fun of the U.S. Army, calling it dysfunctional and much weaker than the Russian army. First of all, the U.S.A. spend 600 billion a year on the army. Russia spends a mere tenth of that on their army. So, the U.S. Army is the most powerful military force on Earth. Should the U.S. army, god forbid, depend on Trump, it would soon take a dive, because a person who is publicly bragging about his failure to pay taxes is directly damaging not just the army, but the entire defensive might of the U.S.A. Also, unlike Trump, the American nation is proud of its army.

Trump adores dictators, and he isn’t just praising Putin, but also Gadhaffi, Saddam Hussein, and the merciless dictator Bashar Al Assad, who is to blame for mass murders of civilians, children, mothers and the elderly, using war gases. Had Trump taken the time to prepare himself to discuss this utterly important issue, he could have easily learned that it wasn’t Americans who planned to overthrow Bashar Al Assad, but the people of Syria. When Syrian students organized peaceful demonstrations in 2011, Assad sent his snipers to tame them. Why? The students and the people demanded the right to free democratic elections – they demanded freedom. So, their demands were by no means extreme, all they demanded were the same human rights exhibited by the people of the E.U., Canada, Australia, as well as the U.S.A. (military experts claim that the brutal inhuman terrorist organization that goes by the name of ISIL has never been a grassroots effort, but rather planned and executed by the monster Bashar Al Assad himself. Putin might have had something to do with it, who knows? If we take a careful look at the facts, Assad and Putin were those who had the most to gain from ISIL. Disguised as a war on terrorists, Putin actually bombed the moderate opposition, the Free Syrian Army, thus bringing his puppet Assad back to life before the eyes of the world.) How can the U.S.A. be blamed for the fact that a country is ruled by a dictator who is ready to do just anything to remain in power, including using poisonous gases and barrel bombs against children, mothers and the elderly? Did Mr. Trump question himself on that?

Why does Trump adore dictators? What is it that links dictators? A sick greed for limitless power. People are correct in assuming that alcohol and drug addictions are perilous to the human mind and body, but we should still ask why the mother of all addictions, greed, isn’t classified as a disease. Isn’t human greed and lust for money and power to blame for the worst of this world’s wars and hunger? The reason behind this might be the fact that laws are created by the greediest among us? Here’s an illuminating poem for greedy double dealing people  pharysees: Alley of Justice.

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These are the diseased who want to be masters over life and death. Saddam Hussein or Bashar al-Assad: Who’s the bigger tyrant? If you carefully read this, you understood that Hussein is a synonym for evil, as is Gadhaffi, as is Assad, as is the malevolent army of tyrants who ragingly tread across our oh so fragile freedom.

It is obvious that the Syrian people would have long since overthrown Assad if it wasn’t for Putin. And why is Putin defending Bashar Al Assad? Because they are linked by their sick desire for power, which is precisely the demon that follows weak-spirited people through time and space more closely than their own shadows.

When the Lybian dictator Gadhaffi sent his bloodthirsty soldiers of fortune to Benghaziwith his message that he will exterminate hapless mothers, children and old people like rats, what was the free world supposed to do? Were they supposed to just stand by and watch? Do you think it would suffice to say: “Please, Hussein, please, Gadhaffi, Assad and whoever… just leave the people alone and leave, you already made enough money for a hundred lives…?” Do you think that such people would actually volunteer to leave? No! They are an evil in human disguise, feeding on the death of others. This is why, sadly, the free world must intervene in a military fashion. Thanks to the American military intervention, in alliance with the French and the British, half a million civilians were saved in Benghazi. American pilots, marines and the navy will be remembered as saviors, and the people of America re right to praise their bravery. And you, Mr. Trump, you who are handing out insults to the glorious U.S. Army, you should carefully listen to this song and its message:

Respect these men/women who fight for our freedom…
Free is what we will remain because of these Hero’s


People like Donald Trump might claim that there was more peace and less terrorism during Gaddhafi’s and Hussein’s reign, but what about freedom? What about the hundreds of thousands of civilians murdered by these dictators during their tenure? Doesn’t the good Lord, after all, mercifully say that when we help raise those in need, we help raise ourselves. Isn’t that the divine message that is mercifully enriching human souls, because the Lord created us to treat each other as humans. Yes, my friends: How can i stop believing in good? Trump presents himself as a great protector of Christianity, failing to understand that it is precisely people like him who are the biggest enemies of Christianity and the faith that he pompously swears upon. Genuine protectors of the Christian faith are those who reach out and help those in need. People like Trump want to be masters over dreams, going as far as to attribute exclusive rights to the “American dream” to themselves. Trump wants to be the single owner of the road of dreams, no less, as well as the general of the army of dreamers. For naught, you poor guy, the road of dreams cannot be monopolized. There is no power to rule over dreamers, because there is no tyrant to kill their dreams. There is no earthly power that can kill compassion within people, and all those genuine values that make us humans with souls. There is no power to deny people the freedom to choose. Yes, praise the Lord, there is an army of business visionaries who care to pay their taxes, and who have donated a majority of their business empires, made with effort, disavowal, knowledge and vision, to charities (like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban,  and a veritable army of business angels and veritable army of business angels). These are people of a strong spirit and faith. Yes, there are politicians who dedicated their whole lives towards the common good. There are scientists who dedicated their entire minds towards the common good. There are noble warriors who dedicated their whole lives towards the preservation of nature, knowing that the Lord created man and nature from the same holy spirit. There is an entire army of missionaries of humanity who dedicated their whole lives to fight poverty. There is am entire army of noble artists who never abandoned the stationery boy. Yes, this is the noble army of dreamers who proudly walk the road of dreams, leading America and the world into a brighter future – THE LAND BEYOND THE RAINBOW .

Finally, to top off this open letter, a brotherly poetic message to all voters. Before you approach the polling booths, keep in mind: Diversity is the greatest wealth of any nation, just like Freedom, and this is why I believe that the American nation is blessed with diversity and the freedom  and, as such, it is a beacon of liberty for many a lost soul. There is no other country in the world that can raise the torch of liberty quite as high as America can, there is no country in the world that can provide a creative person quite as many opportunities as America can… There is no country in the world that dreams like America. Life taught me to walk this path of dreams to become a missionary at the gates of a new city.


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These are the questions that hover above the American nation like bats in a fog. It should be mentioned that most FBI employees are honorable people who indebted the American nation with their honesty, knowledge, bravery and with their fearless and unbreakable battle against domestic and international money laundering, as well as drug and human trafficking. And these honorable people are those who are particularly ashamed for this inexplicably politically damaging decision made by the director of the FBI. This decision is directly affecting the elections or, to be precise, it is a new wind in Trump’s sails. Or, even more precisely, it is a decision that aids the emperor Putin.

Excellent comments:

History learner

11:07 PM GMT+0100

If only we could see one piece of paper from Trump………HIS TAXES! If we could look at he taxes we would know everything we need to about him, but no not one bit of information on Trump can be given to the people to make a decision. How dare we want to know who the man is and who owns him. 
Meanwhile, we have seen thousands and thousands and thousands of emails on Hillary and had to endure 30 years of republican witch hunts that cost 100’s of millions of dollars of tax payer money. They got NO CRIME but it looks like it could look bad. And The FBI (Comey) is now using information provided by a foreign entity in an illegal hack,to throw the election,to witch hunt her again. Knowing that tainted information is commonly dumped in during a foreign cyber attack on a sovereign nation to create chaos. Perfect. Good job everybody…….this is ridiculous. Vote Blue and protect the country from insanity.


10:55 PM GMT+0100

“But the F.B.I. ultimately concluded that there could be an innocuous explanation, like a marketing email or spam, for the computer contacts.” 
Yeah right. Like anyone with any sense trusts the FBI when it comes to Trump at this point. Comey tried to quash the report that US experts (read: NSA) concluded that the Russians hacked the DNC and Podesta because it was too close to the election. . . .and then does what we all saw over the last week: A partisan hatchet job of innuendo aimed squarely at Hillary. 
The place is back to the bad old Hoover days way of operating. Comey needs to be fired under the Hatch Act, and many heads below him need to roll as well. The vipers’ nest needs a purge yesterday!


9:52 PM GMT+0100

The FBI is not investigating any Russian links. Why would they?They are in the tank for the Republicans, and have no interest in national security. They didn’t even bother to investigate the DNC hacks this summer. The FBI is  just trash.

They are not going to inform Congress…though Comey will tip off the Republican leadership as he did two days ago…ignoring the Justice Dept. , the Attorney General and even Clinton.  
He’s in the tank for Trump and the Republicans and using the FBI to that end.


10:51 PM GMT+0100

“But the F.B.I. ultimately concluded that there could be an innocuous explanation,…” 
Gee, it’s too bad Comey did not adopt that attitude before he released his public letter to the entire committee in Congress, Ds and Rs, until he knew more about Hillary’s emails. 
Now, what if there is evidence that is NOT an innocuous explanation and Trump is in deep with the Kremlin?  
Shouldn’t the American people know that before election day so we don’t mistakenly elect a Kremlin stooge to the WH?