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WW Safar: Happy 4th of July – Happy Birthday America


Walter William Safar

Happy 4th of July – Happy Birthday America

Diversity is the greatest wealth of any nation, just like freedom of speech, and this is why I believe that the American nation is blessed with diversity and the freedom of speech and, as such, it is a beacon of liberty for many a lost soul. There is no other country in the world that can raise the torch of liberty quite as high as America can, there is no country in the world that can provide a creative person quite as many opportunities as America can… There is no country in the world that dreams like America. Life taught me to walk this path of dreams to become a missionary at the gates of a new city. ©Walter William Safar





Oh, America, I am praising you with poems at the altar of freedom,
I am voicing my verses in crimson forests and golden deserts,
Like the echo of an ancient prophecy;
You shall be a spiritual home to many faithful!
A home to many languages and prayers!
A home to magnificent human dreams!
In many fogs, your proud name shall wander
Like the prayer of a lost mariner.

When the horrible drums of war echoes along distant frontiers,
Your name echoed louder than cannonball thunder.
When horrible greed beats the drums of treason,
Your name is a bulwark of faith.
Many a tear was shed for you,
And even more blood.
You are a mother to patriots,
A nymph with many faces to greed,
An endless inspiration to poets.

Many people roam the seas and land,
Poverty drives them along old paths to the new world,
Their faces are bright with hope
That their throats might loudly utter your name in the end,
That they may finally walk the Promised Land.

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When the noble winds invoke the names of your heroes,
The deaf night shall wave its black flag,
The murmur of the rain shall be quieter still,
And fogs will rule the graveyards,
So that the ghosts of your heroes may be at piece.

Oh, America, when your flag is waved by noble freedom,
How proudly the faces of your sons and daughters shine;
How mighty your name sounds in the noble throat of a hero,
Voice yourself for a long, long time to come!

©Walter William Safar



Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty. John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Beloved America

How far your dreams are walking
While masters whisper out for them,
I wonder while watching
The bluish shadows in awe,
Twirling around you, beloved America,
As if you were a slender young candle;

(Wise men say that shadows are fellow sufferers and travelers to our dreams)

How far your dreams are walking
While masters whisper out for them,
I wonder while the wind reaches out through the quiet fog,
The wind that softly caresses your beautiful face,
Beloved America,
The world never looked as beautiful
As it does this morning,
When my gaze met your gaze,
Beloved country,
The valleys were set ablaze in a lush
And moist green,
As if the most beautiful woman’s eyes are flaming in the dreamlit air,
I sense the scent of your wonderful body,
Like the scent of that slender fir,
Atop the highest mountain,
Allured by the moon at night.
I didn’t hear a thing… not a thing…
Apart from the unbridled and loud beating of my own heart,
And you, my beloved America,
You blissfully laugh,
Inadvertently grabbing my heart.

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Beloved America, intertwined with roads of dreams,
Now my dreams,
Rising from copper chains towards the golden sun,
Are mingling with the old hero’s dreams,
Who solitary buries his mute, salty tears
Into your sacred bosom,
Like the seed of a new life.

I am praising you, my beloved America!
If I could choose where I shall be buried,
I would like my grave to be there.
If I had to wake up lonely in the world,
I would like to wake up there,
In the crystal night’s embrace,
In the proud wind’s embrace,
In your embrace,
Beloved America!

©Walter William Safar