You are calling me, road of dreams,
To a land beyond the rainbow,
In which diversity is the harmony of living,
In which hatred is losing the battle against love,
In which a strong spirit is virtue instead of weakness;

You are calling me, road of dreams,
To where reality is conceived from thousands,
Tens of thousands of dreams,
Dreams that feed the soul,
Dreams that nurture the hearts of
Dreamers from all over the world;

You are calling me, road of dreams,
To a wonderful land of dreamers,
But I am tired,
My mornings are different now,
Full of extinguished sparks,
And the scents of weary nights
That lay beside you now,
Just like night birds,
Your weary wanderers,
Whose passion bled
Into life’s inexhaustible well.

I admit to you, road of dreams,
I knew that, in this life,
Love makes the most beautiful rainbows,
And so I, your faithful child,
Your lonely wanderer,
Didn’t want to stop following the call of the heart,
No matter what.

When the young moon kisses your sacred face,
Oh yes, road of dreams!…
You won’t concede to losers,
You are calling me though I’m on my knees,
In other words, you won’t accept my surrender!
You are showing me a place beyond the rainbow,
The capital of the dreamers’ land,
Where everyone has their place under the sun and the stars,
Where wealth is measured through the spirit, not money,
Where the divine light takes pride in love;
Oh yes, road of dreams,
You are showing me the land of dreamers,
Where there is room for everyone
Who wishes the same to others
As they do to themselves.

And You,
Just like me,
Are dreaming of your star
(Wise people say that everyone has their star)
To banish the nightmares into the turquoise shell
That is wistfully glittering under the heavenly dome.

And my star shines so beautifully,
Handing out its turquoise fliers
Like a heavenly messenger,
That one day my big silent tear
Shall drop onto her palm.
I’ve been on my knees,
Road of dreams,
Until I heard Your call again,
And I rose to my feet,
And filled with faith
To run into her embrace.

© Walter William Safar




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