Walter William Safar

The horrifying mass murder in a Charleston church has affected all good will people, wherever they may roam, because the Creator created people to be friends, and not enemies

To feel for others as you do for yourself is what makes a believer. Because of pathological hatred of a young man, the lives of the families of those murdered in the Charleston church have been forever changed and their pain, even if inaudible, can be felt all the way to the small country of Croatia. Many good people in Croatia lit candles, trying to reach the hearts of those who mourn with their prayers. Together we are stronger in pain, this is the message those good people are sending out.

Hate crime… Hate crime…this ghastly accusation is looming above many a free nation – and people are free wherever they have the right to choose. Like this hate-infested young man. Journalists say that he was a lone wolf. Some people use solitude as a motivation towards creativity – like artists – while some perceive it as a dungeon to the soul. It all depends on how strong and wide your spirit is. A spiritual person can pretty much enjoy their own thoughts in perfect solitude, as Arthur Schopenhauer once said.

Sadly, hatred can never be prevented by paper law, only by the law of the heart (life teaches us that love conquers hate). Those who blame crime in the U.S.A. on the fact that weapons are readily available are oblivious to the insane thirty-year old in meek and peaceful Norway, who murdered eighty students in cold blood (I am making a point of not mentioning the names of these sick killers because, note the horror, they murdered to make their own names immortal, as do all mass murderers with their sick minds). To keep a long story short, we would reach the horrifying conclusion that some mass murderers, infected with the virus of hatred and messianic self-importance, will always appear anywhere and regardless of the availability of weapons.

(Those who are even vaguely familiar with the American nation understand that the Constitution is sacred to Americans. The American constitution is the world’s oldest constitution still in use. Americans know that their constitution isn’t just the foundation of their democracy, but of the nation’s very existence. It is the heart and soul of the U.S.A. Citizens of the U.S.A. have often been reading their constitution, because of its brief and particularly clear shape. Restricting the right to bear arms requires a change in the constitution, in its second ammendment, which is among the most important ones.

2. The second ammendment guarantess the right to a militia to members states, as well as the citizens’ right to bear arms.

So, if you want to restrict the rights of Americans to bear arms, you must change the second ammendment – the people’s right to bear arms, which is the most important ammendment to any American, because the fathers of the American Constitution wrote this ammendment not just for their own generation’s sake, but for the sake of all future generations, providing the nation with means to fight tyranny. When tyranny rules, the people are entitled to a revolution, which any American will clearly tell you. When does this case occur? At the precise point when a political option attempts to change the second ammendment.)

I would also like to extend my condolences to the families of those who were murdered. My condolences to all the families. My heart is breaking! Dear Lord, open Your arms wide to accept these loving angels into Your embrace and give comfort and strength to these families.

As I wrote to my dear friends at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the oldest African-American church in the U.S.A., I am writing to the entire world: From the moment of birth, everybody is fighting the two selves within. It is an epic battle between the two selves, and the victory of good depends on a strong spirit. Yes, in a free society, everybody has t he choice to proudly walk the path of good or creep along the path of evil. In that epic battle, man’s most faithful ally is a strong spirit. And without faith, there is no strong spirit.

As far as racial intolerance is concerned: some people will be disappointed, because evil and hatred did not win in Charleston. Quite the opposite, this tragedy drew the people of Charleston closer together because, as I always say: a tear is always of the same color regardless of the color of the face it slides down.

The U.S.A. is a young nation – a wonderful flower that sprang from the seeds of all the world’s races. It is this diversity that is a guiding light to the American nation – towards a more progressive and humane future. A man who watches the stars cannot be lost on the path of life. This is why dreamers around the world walk their path of dreams to the promised land, to make these dreams come true.


By Walter William Safar

When destiny leaves you alone in the dark;
When your, sister, brother,
Mother and father leave you early,
All you have left are faith;
All you have left are dreams,
Yes, my friend, life rolls along the road of dreams,
And each dream is finished soon;

Travel in peace, dreams of mine,
Into the land of color,
The wonderful land of noble memories,
So that my blind spirit might see through the turquoise moon’s eyes,
So that my tired spirit finds its peace in your sacred cradle.
Fly with the breath of Freedom,
So that you may sow the seed of young hope
In the courtyard of heavenly gates;

Travel in peace, dreams of mine,
To honor the many tears haunted by memories,
To honor the many stars haunted by lonely nights,
To honor the many winds haunted by prayers of the unfortunate;

Travel in peace, dreams of mine,
Into distant valleys of saturnine silences.
Find your humble home
In the infinity of human tragedies,
So that you may fraternize many unfortunates
With your merciful existence,
So that my lonely spirit can see the magnificent light
In the fraternal souls of people I hold dear;

When they want to kill your dreams,
Hoist your flag of faith,
And keep on marching your way,
Like a noble soldier of Dreams.



Living in the Promised Land