Obavijest Combustion galerija u Zadru


Poziv na otvorenje izložbenog programa u Combustion galeriji u Zadru

Pozivamo vas na otvorenje nove galerije u Zadru Combustion Gallery. U izlagačkom programu u trajanju 20/06/2015 – 28/06/2015 sudjelovat će 11 internacionalnih umjetnika među kojima i tri iz Hrvatske: Mia Orsag, Duje Medić i Ida Blažičko.

Više: http://combustiongallery.com/

Combustion brings together eleven contemporary artists from Croatia, Sweden, and Scotland to mark the opening of Combustion Gallery. In the coastal city of Zadar (Croatia), Combustion Gallery will open with a series of one-day exhibitions over nine days. Established and emerging international artists will take part to offer their work through performance, installation, and exhibitions within and beyond the gallery space. The event aims to offer artists a platform for collaboration and experimentation within a unique environment. An emphasis on freedom of artistic expression will allow each artist to exhibit in Zadar with minimal curatorial restrictions to a local audience, as well as visitors during the peak tourist season. The combination of international and cultural encounters between artists and audience is a factor for expanding and sharing creative thought, benefitting both artists and the locality; being a key goal for Combustion Gallery.
Free for all.