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In order to understand why I am passionately writing articles towards the rescue of the azure pearl – the Croatian Adriatic, and why I send out pamphlets to save the Adriatic across the world, it would only be honest of me to open my poetic soul, as I always do (those who think that poets are too open should consider these questions: Why close yourself to the world? Why close the door on someone if you really want the best for them? Isn’t this akin to isolating oneself from the world and from mankind?)


Walter William Safar

Yes, to a poet, a verse is home, and a poem is mankind

In any case: several years ago, I bought an old house made of stone, in a lagoon in the north of the Croatian Adriatic? I am proud to say that I restored it with my own bare hands, without investing too much money. A lot of effort and imagination was enough. For example, I laid the inside walls bare with a hammer, and painted each separate rock in a different oil color, which isn’t just nice for the eye, but for the soul as well. Because, when stars glow like God’s eyes under the heavenly dome, the stone walls shine like the eyes of the moon under the old roof, and moonshadows become your friends. And to be perfectly honest, it is also an economic solution, because there is no mildew, and no need to waste money on material, or on new plaster.

My next-door neighbours are a sympathetic retired German couple, who spend more time here than they do in their homeland. Sometimes, old Muller tells me in confidence that Croats seem to be oblivious to this treasure.

I understand what he means, but when he tells the same thing to people from Zagreb or other people from the Croatian mainland, you can see some kind of resignation in their eyes, bordering on apathy – and we know that apathy is close to waving a white flag on the battlefield of life.

Perhaps this is the reason why greedy political hyenas can effortlessly offer oil cartel predators the opportunity to search for oil in the Adriatic.

And why are Croats silent in regard to this? Why are the biggest media outlets silent? Why are the biggest commercial media in Croatia, like NOVA TV, RTL, VEČERNJI, JUTARNJI or NOVI LIST miserably and cowardly silent? Are their journalists proud of their silence?

We shall leave commercial media to their own conscience. But why is HRT, the public television, also silent? Is the public television receiving a billion and three hundred million Kuna a year from subsribers to keep their treacherous silence? The public television, HRT, is obliged to its employers – the people – to keep talking about the intention of this greedy political caste – SDP and HNS, the “reformed” communists – to provide the oil cartels with the opportunity to drill for oil in the Adriatic sea for mere peanuts, and they should keep talking about it day and night, if this is what it takes. Small and free media report that there are huge commissions at stake for all those corrupt politicians who are lobbying for this mad project – from the ministers to the prime minister (one must wonder why Lorencin, the minister of tourism, is cowardly silent, when any reasonable person of a sane mind and pure heart knows that oil drilling in the Adriatic is an environmental bomb for Croatian tourism).

croatia dalmacija vis

A lie cannot pass through the sieve of truth, even if it often shines like gold. Killing tourism for the sake of oil is proof enough of their primitivism, ignorance and greed. What sane person would kill a hen that lays golden eggs, and for peanuts, at best? Sadly, even the peanuts would never reach the people, because this is what it’s like in corrupt countries.

Let’s not be naive. People who are ready to sell not just their dignity, but their own mothers – both nation and nature – for breadcrumbs, are always orbiting the oil people. Greed has long since been singing into their ears: conscience can’t feed you. So let me repeat: they are consciously cutting the branch they’re sitting on. A sane-minded and pure-hearted person must ask themselves how this is possible. Greed is a horrible evil that took more lives throughout history than the pest and cholera together, because it doesn’t just destroy the human body, but the human mind and soul as well. Greed is like cocaine and heroin. Even though the addict knows that it’s damaging his health, he is still ready to do whatever it takes to get it. It’s the same with greedy politicians, who are ready to do just about anything for money and power. Even though their subconscious is telling them that this is destroying them, they are still marching all the way to destruction. Sadly, since they rule all of the country’s institutions, they are taking the entire innocent nation along for the ride. People of weak spirit and faith can’t seem to stand up and this is their major weakness.

And such unhealthy people, corrupt politicians, are still holding all the institutions and media in their hands (the horrible fact is that constitutional judges are but hand puppets owned by the political caste and big capital, and they have proven it by preventing all civil referendums

If there are dozens of referendums in California annually, and the judges never even think of declaring them void, then one must wonder why this is done in Croatia? Because they are installed by the corrupt political caste and, more than that, most of the judges within the Croatian legal system are a legacy of the communist regime, and life teaches us that communism and democracy simply do not belong in the same sentence). As chess players would say, they are holding the people in a mate position. Sadly, the people gave them the power to do so through their apathy and weak spirits. There is no critical mass, which makes the silent majority but a trojan horse of the greedy political caste.

There is a wise retired professor from Zagreb whom I like to listen to, and I am honoured to quote him: “Son, when you watch HTV’s central newscast, you think that even the maligned North Korean television wouldn’t hire such ‘anchors’ and ‘editors’ for censored newscasts”.

Sadly, it is not just the wise retired professor, a majority of people say that the public HRT has reached rock bottom! Those who are familiar with HTV say that the party, the cock-a-doodle-doo coalition, hired their poltroon human resources on each of its four channels (Hey, four channels for a small state-run television! Is that normal, people? Is it normal for them to almost hire more people than the gigantic BBC? But on BBC, indoctrinated people like HTV newscast anchors wouldn’t even be allowed to bring coffee to BBC journalists, let alone be the central newscast anchors, said one retired journalist). How can HRT be cured from the malignant tumor of censorship and self-censorship? After the parlamentary elections, a professional should be hired to become its manager, chosen through a public tender, instead of picking partisan people like the current manager. If politics are chosing the manager, freedom ran out of luck. Any independent professional would soon cut the losses by putting an end to the third and fourth channels, and he would fire more than half of young and old partisan self-censored ‘journalists’ to search for their luck elsewhere and see for themselves what it’s like to go knocking from door to door looking for a job. Two channels are more than enough for good programming, if the right professionals are in the right place. Those who are familiar with the public television claim that the news, sports, movie, documentary, culture and show programming had never been worse. Those censored ‘news’ would soon tire even halfwits, let alone sane-minded and pure-hearted people. (While watching CNN, people realize what freedom is. CNN journalists are so self-confident that they virtually reach out to the hearts and minds of the audience through the camera lens, while HTV journalists escape the audience in panic, and this is the difference between free and regime journalism).

All the while, the political caste exercise their muscle power over people from the shade of their castle, claiming that oil drilling in the Adriatic is a done thing, because politics decided that way. (Yes, they consider themselves overlords of the land, the sea, and the people). The echo of the loud minority can still be heard: why do the big media keep their cowardly silence? (Honestly, those who fight for nature, like green societies, aren’t waving the white flag just yet. It is an honor for me to say that the same is true for small media, like small free and independent portals like “Akademija Art” – the Davids in a world of pro-regime media Goliaths. Sadly, the voice of the Davids cannot seem to reach the silent majority, or else the silent majority does not want to listen to the voice of reason, only to use it as an alibi later – as in “we had no idea”.)

Why aren’t Croats aware of the wealth they own?

It only takes an hour’s drive from Zagreb to arrive in this paradise, while a German has to drive a whole day. Apart from time, there is gasoline money and highway vignettes to be paid, and if we take that into account, we realize how lucky Croats are to reside next to this heavenly sea. How long does it take for those who live across the ocean to arrive? Is that enough to make Croats realize how lucky they are? Do you think that I am exagerating when I’m claiming this to be a heavenly sea? You’re wrong!

Many years ago, I lived in the coral south Pacific islands of Tokelau, in a charming lagoon of the coral Nukunonu island. Initially, I resided in the small old hotel “Luana Liki”, made of stone and considered by the natives to be some kind of Hilton, and later on I restored an old stone house close to a small old catholic church. Each morning, instead of a bottle of wine I would pick up a brush and paint… and I would paint, feeding my soul with the scent of the good old Pacific. I painted things invisible to the average human eye, because if imagination is the painter’s brush, then so is nature. If a poet attempts to win an honorable spot within the human soul for his verses, as does the writer with his prose, then the painter finds his place in the human mind through his brush. Since both nature and man are the work of a single Creator, the painter and nature aren’t separate. The better imagination flows into colors, the prettier the paintings become (

What I am trying to say is that this lagoon in the north of the Croatian Adriatic is even prettier than this heavenly lagoon in the coral archipelago of Nukunonu in the South Pacific. Those who intend to drill for oil in the heart of paradise – the Adriatic – isn’t just a murderer of Mother Nature, but also an apprentice to Satan. And we know that Satan always wants to turn heaven into hell.

You can see the beauty I am talking about here:


The Croatian political caste loves to call the silent majority a factor of stability, and this is society’s malignant tumor

To be a Judas to one’s own freedom is a shame above all shames. Now I am asking the silent majority: Isn’t it a shame to remain silent in the face of the destruction of the heavenly Adriatic sea? Isn’t it a shameful fact that foreigners are raising their voices more freely than you do? Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Mel Gibson, Charlie Rose and other great artists and journalists have signed the petition to rescue the Adriatic sea. How about you? Have you signed the petition?

(All the journalists of the public HTV television should carefully and humbly watch the “Charlie Rose” talk show and learn, learn, learn from a true professional.)

Croats love to brag about their centennial culture, but they remain silent in the face of its destruction. There is no culture greater than Mother Nature. Meanwhile, the residents of Nukunonu, the residents of a place in the far Pacific, whom our silent ostriches consider to be “primitive natives”, are perfectly aware of their link to nature and keep the praised global “civilization” as far away from themselves as possible. And now for the philosophical question: which nation is more self-confident nad more cultural – those who don’t even own mobile phones or TV sets, but raise their voices against the destruction of nature, or those who own mobile phones, TV sets and computers, yet remain silent when faced with someone destroying nature before their eyes?

Nature Is Speaking




In the service of its majesty- art,
I am flying on the wings of verses,
From heart to heart of everyone,
Because each person’s tear is the same color.
Green as a young leaf today,
I am holding on to my tree – mankind,
Tomorrow as a dead dry leaf –
Thorn away from my mother tree,
On the soft back of the wind I travel
From century to century, on the paths of eternity.

In the service of her majesty- poetry,
I voice myself in verses:
“Look at the enchanting face of Mother Nature, man!
Can’t you see the pearly tear, half-lit
By the reflection of the heavenly dawn
On the face of Earth?
Its virgin face – lit by the aura of God’s mercy –
Hiding behind the oblique veil of death.
Don’t you understand, man,
That nature can go on without you,
But you can’t go on without nature?”

In the service of her majesty- Mother Nature,
I seek shelter for my wounded heart in prayers,
Because greed not only destroys the soul of mankind,
But the heart of Mother Nature too,
In deserts, black, red and blue seas
There are dark towers rising,
Thrusting its fangs into the heart of nature.
Black streams flow through its silent chest,
Like poisoned blood.
There are no more songs left in Mother Nature’s lap,
Only seductive murmurs of black streams of oil,
The silence of dried up wells,
And the echo of stock brokers,
Who do not care for the wind’s accusing scream.

In the service of its majesty, the soul,
I solemnly declare to the world:
“Without Mother Nature,
My voice would become inaudible.
Imagination, so irrepressibly flowing
Into the white stream of my inebriated dreaming,
Would leave so little trace behind
As does an abandoned orphan;
Without Mother Nature, my wings-verses wouldn’t be there
For me to travel from heart to heart of everyone.”

©Walter William Safar