There is something precious, yet free in the display window of life – love!


Walter William Safar

Yes, I am all the more convinced of it while looking at the old professor. Even though he is an octagenarian and has been for a while, deep in the autumn of his life, his wise old eyes shine with youthful brilliance. Gently holding the hand of the love of his life, a lady of his age and of an equally youthful gaze, they remind me of a couple otters lovingly holding hands while carried downstream by the pearly river of life.

The good old professor spent his life in honest work, he was the sentinel of the well of wisdom, while his wife, a ballerina, hovered between earth and sky all her life. They don’t own luxurious apartments in the city center of Zagreb, they don’t own cottages or villas on Adriatic islands, nor an expensive limousine, but they have that glow in their eyes, of a kind that cannot be seen in those who are after power and money. Although they only have a small humble apartment, the old professor and the ballerina are by no means disappointed by life. On the contrary, these two lovers hover between earth and sky in their mooric purity as if the whole world was theirs, despite their age (Those who serve society by contributing to its values shall always find that precious treasure in the display window of life, which is love).

Many a pearly river of tears shall run dry before these two old lovers forever close their dreamy eyes, because they shall merrily continue holding hands in those higher, holy domains).

All of those who keep running after power and money, in Croatia and elsewhere, are mistaken in their belief that money can buy happiness. They are lost in a world of spectres (those horrible dictators who walk over corpses to retain power are proof enough). In mysterious fogs, they are searching for faceless faces, because there is something precious, yet free, in the display window of life – love! Love conceives all those wonderful emotions that makes us better humans (those who are high on power cannot see life’s face too well, because the human heart is not for sale. Those who love people shall find their happiness in serving instead of ruling). In holding the hand of my muse, my beloved Zagreb girl, I also found my own precious treasure in the display window of life – which is love.

Those who don’t believe that happiness is for free should watch these two otters in love:


foto Matt Hind—Getty Images/OJO Images RF