Croatia in the jaws of the political caste of “reformed” communists



By Walter William Safar

Friends told me to watch the third daily newscast on Croatian national television on April 17thm 2015

Why? Because the most important was the one about the Hypo Bank and money laundering within the political caste (all of whom are, by the way, “reformed” communists who switched sides for appearances only). Some of the top political pundits claim that lustration is required, the way it happened in Poland, because of such huge nationwide pillagings because, in order to cure the patient, the tumor must be removed. As the researcher of the Adriatic Public Politics Institute, Jadranka Srdoč, said that all the leading political parties (SDP, HDZ, IDS) and their satellites joined in on these “mega” criminal deeds.

“Financial Global Integrity” has published terrifying data on corruption on the part of the Croatian political elites. Anyone can read their report that would make any honest man shudder in cold sweat. Tens of billions of dollars were transferred from the country into secret bank accounts where it is laundered.

So, communists, the older ones, or the junior SKOJ communists, have infiltrated all the leading positions in both state institutions and major business subjects after Croatia managed to defend itself during a bloody war for independence fought against the overwhelming Serbian army (JNA), and we know that communism has nothing in common with the free market. Thus, the fact that the Croatian economy is ruined should come as no surprise.

In order to understand how that malignant tumor developed inside the body of beautiful Croatia, I will describe a random meeting. A couple of days ago, I talked to a wise retired professor. He intimately told me this: The proof that Croatian communist structures are intertwined with all institutions is the famous case of the Lex Perković.


The issue in question are highly positioned secret agents of the ill-reputed former communist secret service (KOS), who planned and performed executions of Croatian dissidents back in the 1980s. Since the office of the German state attorney demanded the extradition of former communist operative Perković and Mustač, the former secret service boss, the “reformed communist party” SDP, which currently rules Croatia, attempted to prevent these two highly positioned communist agents from being extradited by changing the Constitution. Why? Because the fathers of the current political elite (the Croatian government, the presiding judge of the Croatian High Court, the former president Josipović) were highly positioned in the repressive apparatus of dictatorial communist Yugoslavia, and they fear that Perković and Mustać might reveal many a dark secret about these fathers while on trial in Germany. In the TV show Studio 4 (HTV), on April 20th 2015, the journalist Starešina stated that it is outrageous for DORH to frighten the witnesses instead of protecting them. Publicist and journalist Tihomir Dujmović commented on the case of Ivan Krmpotić for the portal. Ivan Krmpotić is a witness at the Perković and Mustać trial, who received anonymous threats and asked the Croatian police for protection which he never got. Instead, the German police arrived to take him and his wife to a safe place. The person who is managing state property (DUUDI) is Mladen Pejnović. What did he do in former Yugoslavia? He was a highly positioned youth activist, and he was prepared to become a political operative of the Croatian Communist Union. During the 1980s, he was the president of the Croatian communist youth, where he created and maintained links to Goran Radman, Darinko Kosor, Nikica Gabrić, Ivica Drpić, Kolja Družić, Duško Ljuština, Ivo Družić, Nino Pavić, Ivo Jelušić and Stipo Orešković.

One of his most important titles was Chief of Cabinet to Mika Špiljak until 1986, who was a member of the presidency of the Croatian Communist Union’s Central Committee. Let this name echo in your ears: Mika Špiljak! Investigating journalists claim that there is a link between Mika Špiljak and the murder of Croatian dissident Đureković in Germany, because of which the communist secret agents Perković and Mustać are on trial in Germany. Word to the wise, right?

Sadly, in her report to the UN, public defender Lora Vidović doesn’t mention the fact that the Croatian people are discriminated against. Instead, according to comrade Vidović’s report, the people are discriminating against the ruling political caste, who in turn take advantage of the Serbian minority for their cunning political games… Even if it’s the partisan public defender who said it, it’s too much to take. It was exactly the government of the Republic of Croatia (the SDP “reformed communist party” and their satellites) who segregated the hero city of Vukovar by separating Serbian minority students from their Croatian peers. Isn’t that discrimination? Isn’t the Croatian government separating Vukovar by not respecting the Croatian constitution, which expressly forbids the placement of cyrillic inscriptions on the walls of state institutions before the legally elected aldermen vote in the corresponding legal provision? The man in the mirror is asking comrade Vidović: Whom do you serve, the ruling political party or those you swore to protect? Why is there no mention of the 320,000 blocked families in your report to the UN? For today Croatia has 320,000 ( Nov.2014.) blocked people, every tenth, and the total amount of debt of individuals is 29.5 billions, which threatens to outgrow the total amount of debt of the Croatian economy and trigger off financial collapse-

Comrade Vidović, why is there no mention of “thousands upon thousands of workers who aren’t paid for the work they do” in your report? (It is precisely the state-owned companies that do not pay their employees, thus violating their own laws.) Why is there no mention of the 320,000 unemployed in your report, who are discriminated against because of the nepotism of the government, who keep employing their own “cadre” in public companies, instead of employing able and creative unemployed people?

Among these hundreds of thousands of discriminated families, there are people of all religions, races and genders, and you have never touched upon them in your report, which tells us plenty about the malicious hypocrisy we are dealing with. By hiding these facts, you spat into the faces of UN officials, as well as the man in the mirror, who is still waiting for you, regardless of your attempts to escape.

During a mere three years of their government (SDP-led coalition- “reformed” communist elite-) unemployment has increased by 10%. Because of an oversized bureaucracy, high taxes and an incompetent administration, foreign investments are all but gone. Croatia is number 59 on the list of the world’s top 60 economies, according to IMD’s 2014 annual WCY World Competitiveness ranking (the U.S.A. are number one). This institutes analysts emphasize the Croatian government’s incompetency and corruption as the reasons behind Croatia’s insufficient competitiveness. Businessmen, on the other hand, have named the most attractive indicators as far as Croatia is concerned: qualified labor, dependable infrastructure, a high level of education, and competitiveness in terns of costs. The least attractive indicators are the government’s competitiveness, the tax system, the stability and reliability of policies, corruptness, and the efficiency of law, as well as the general business environment.

Why have citizens lost faith in institutions? Because everything is in the hands of irresponsible and greedy politicians. All responsible positions in all important institutions are filled with politically suitable, yet incompetent people in the service of the political elite, instead of competent, creative and honest professionals. When a journalist fearfully inquires about the involvement of a politician in corruption, the politicians calmly replies along the lines of ‘let the institutions do their job’. Like hell! People must ask themselves how could the institutions possibly do their job if they are in the hands of those who do now want to work honestly.

As if the bureaucracy wasn’t huge enough, its numbers have increased, and both the citizens and businessmen are left at the mercy of that parasitical monster. Of course, there are diligent and efficient people even in such a bureaucracy, as well as in those agencies whose duty is to draw money from EU funds but, sadly, such creative and diligent people work for peanuts, while those who are incompetent, but acceptable to the political caste are having a much better time, thus suffocating what little healthy social tissue there is in the administration. To cut a long story short, there are no creative and responsible ministers who know how to organize their departments. The tax pressure on citizens and businessmen is bigger than ever (and we know that only lower taxes can increase production, which is also a precondition of more spending on behalf of the society). Regardless of their size, businesses are shut down if a single undeclared coin is found in their accounts – unless they are politically connected, that is. In that case, they are forgiven hundreds of millions in tax debts by their politician buddies. Isn’t that akin to discrimination and breach of human rights?

In Croatia, the political caste (“reformed” communist elite-) can freely violate the constitution, specifically Article 38, which guarantees freedom of speech, because they consider themselves to be deities for whom worldly laws are inconsequential. While the American tax administration rewards whistle blowers with up to 100 million dollars, Croatian whistle blowers (Jasmina Jovev) lose their jobs and are prosecuted, which is proof for the fact that this political caste doesn’t care about fighting corruption and that they actually abet corruption.

This way, the coalition governing the Republic of Croatia devalues all future referendums. We can’t say that a referendum is less important, because this is how we devalue the substance of direct democracy. They are publicly saying that referendums are akin to violating human rights. They are publicly saying that a majority of people is terrorizing the minority. Does that mean that democratic elections should be prohibited? After all, it is a well-established fact that parliamentary elections are won by those who win the majority of votes. Yes, the masks are falling! They won as many votes at the elections as the civil initiative FOR did at the referendum. But, hey, when it comes to their victory, they say that the people have spoken, and when it comes to the referendum, they say that the majority is terrorizing the minority. Minister Vesna Pusic is pretending to be a tolerant and educated lady when she’s touring the world, but back home, far away from the eyes of the world, she is calling everyone who doesn’t agree with her a primitive, and she says that there is no alternative to her and to the governing party, So, this is her tolerance and her democracy. If we keep in mind that North Korea’s “beloved leader” used to say that there is no alternative for his people, because everything other than him was doom, then we know what is happening. After all, minister Pusic is a member of the old communist aristocracy- This is what independent portals say.

Whether the democratic world will calmly stand by and watch such a ghastly scenario depends on the conscience of political leaders. When someone says that there is no such thing as a politician with a conscience, I am saying that this is not true, because every person has the freedom to choose between good and evil, and this is also true of politicians. This is why I am sending out this message to those who hold the keys to justice in the hands of the democratic world. The longer this political caste remains in power in Croatia, the poorer and angrier the people shall be.

Without the freedom of the individual, there is no free nation. Without humane humans, there is no humane system because, lest we forget, the system isn’t created by robots and computers, but by every person as a free individual. I would like to conclude by saying that each person is intelligent to the point that they are capable of fighting for their own freedom, and doing good unto others.

We should never forget those values that make us human: compassion, love, honesty, conscience, MOTHER NATURE, freedom, and faith. Let us not forget that a strong spirit is a person’s best ally in times of temptation. In the thick forest of temptation, a man without conscience is like a lamp without oil.

We should treat other humans in a manner that is more humane, because those who vow to love mankind should know that there is no mankind without man.

A man’s heart is small, but it is surrounded by the immensity of its soul.

Sometimes our words may appear silent, but they are certainly heading for infinity.



While the northern winds whispers about its thousand years
Of wandering and solitude,
I look at the yellow cone of light
Shyly peeking through the courtroom’s window,
As if that heavenly messenger of light
Is afraid to enter a courtroom,
Where justice arrives timidly,
Like a homeless man into a soup kitchen.

An old woman stands outside the window,
In an old-fashioned black dress.
There is nothing light on that old dress,
Apart from a white butterfly,
An old bended broche,
As if squeezed by poverty’s invisible fist.
Still, the old woman wears it with unusual pride,
As if it is some timeless lawyer of honor and integrity.

How many wishes and hopes pass the unfortunate old woman’s thoughts,
While she helplessly stand there,
Waiting for justice?…
I wonder where her thoughts are traveling,
Which soul in heaven they are touching?
Her mother’s soul?…
Her father’s soul?…
Her brother’s and sister’s?
Because souls are like butterflies,
Crawling the ground along with people,
Only to eventually rise to the skies,
Perfectly free and magically shining.

And while the old woman listens to the wind’s whisper,
She is humbly looking at the courtroom door,
Waiting for someone to notice her,
But all that this court can see is power, glory, and money,
Tycoons, devil’s advocates and politicians
Who crawl,
Like fog,
Around the judges’ feet.

And the old woman still stands outside the courtroom window
That squeaks like the bones of a dying old man,
And patiently, like a genuine commoner,
She waits for the clerk to have mercy on her,
To take her into the courtroom for her unattainable justice.

Oh Lord, why is that unfortunate, unknown old woman
So dear to my heart?
Perhaps it’s because the heart is too lyrical?…
Or because, in her dignified eyes,
I can see my own reflection?…
And perhaps her mother’s soul
Is hovering above the unfortunate woman’s head right now,
Chasing her weary spirit to the courtroom for justice;
That justice, that praised justice
That she never received in her long and honorable life.

But the courtroom door is still eerily silent,
Silence… eerie silence…
While the brotherly northern wind is driving shadows
Into the old woman’s embrace,
Above her trembling tired head
There is white butterfly spreading its wings,
Shining stripes of light
Along the dark seams of this cold courtroom.

Perhaps this is the reason
Why the sad aged face is looking up
Instead of down,
And why hope is still sparkling
In her tired eyes
(And people say that hopes are younger than solitude).
That dear old woman does not know,
Or does not want to know,
That these doors are lubricated for rich clients only,
For devil’s advocated.

Hours… endlessly long hours pass by…
And the poor old woman is still standing on her shaky legs,
Unforgivingly looking at the courtroom door,
Which keeps its eerie silence.
Her old legs might be weak,
But her faith is strong.
But the courtroom door is still silent for her,
And once they come to life
It’s too late.
The old woman no longer stands on her shaky legs.
Instead, she is lying on the cold floor
With an unusually happy expression,
As if it was finally time
For the invisible heavenly courtroom’s door to open for her.

©Walter William Safar