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20.08.2013 While watching those horrible news reports on murdered children, women and the elderly on CNN, anyone must necessarily feel the horror, combined with unspeakable bitterness. The tear in your eye asks you what body do you live in? What kind of world do you live in? This tear asks you whether mankind can peacefully watch a sick dictator (Bashar Al Assad) murdering innocent civilians with chemical weapons and barrel boms. It simply has to ask you what kind of sick mind can send nerve gas rockets to kill little children-angels-?… see more- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/syria/10796175/Syria-chemical-weapons-the-proof-that-Assad-regime-launching-chlorine-attacks-on-children.html

Anonymous Declares Cyber-War Against ISIS

20.08.2014 Looking at the way ISIS is conquering vast areas of Iraq, one can’t help but wonder whether there is another country or another dictatorship is behind ISIS. People wonder what it is that makes people commit crimes that are unthinkable to the sane mind. The soldiers of the ISIL terrorist organization are bestially killing civilians – children, mothers, the elderly – among the Iraqi Kurds, Christians, Yasids and other minorities. I would like to emphasize that they are soldiers of a terrorist organization, not soldiers of Islam, because that would be an offense to the multitude of peaceful and humane Moslems belonging to the Islamic religion (yet, the time is coming when various Islamic nations will have to face the terrorists who are spreading the spirit of death and hatred). There is but one Creator, but there are many religions, and it is our dear Creator that teaches us to respect other religions as we respect our own, because this is the only way to become a true believer whom the Creator loves like his child. If the ISIS members could discard their insane hatred for a mere moment, they would feel the merciful warmth of God’s light within them, and this light is what makes a person feel happy and gives them a purpose. This merciful light gives birth to love, and we know that love connects people, while hatred separates them. Sometimes I fall because I feel contempt and anger, not hatred, for those greedy people because of whom there are hundreds of millions of hungry children around the world (In each and every country in Africa, presidents, prime ministers and other weak-spirited people are enjoying expensive limousines, luxurious villas, swimming pools and gourmet cuisine, while at the same time their subjects are literally dying of hunger, cholera and ebola. If we were to go continent by continent, we would most certainly encounter horrible injustice caused by human greed, but it never prompted me to consider terrorism or revolutions, knowing that it gives birth to terrible hatred. When I write about greedy politicians and businessmen from a critical standpoint, I do not hate those people. Quite the opposite, I am humbly pray that my sociological poetry, my fiction, plays and essays may reach their hearts and minds. If their hearts remain closed, they will be the biggest losers who have forsaken God’s gift of life).

After a string of horrible massacres, the world has realized that ISIS is a powerful terrorist organization that feeds on hatred. Anyone with a sane mind and pure heart knows that hatred is, most of all, destroying those who are infected with it, because it doesn’t just destroy the mind and body, but also the soul of those who hate. One common Creator gave us the present of the light of all lighs. Why? To guide us out of the thick forest of temptation. Each person is fighting the two selves within. Good and evil are following people more closely than their own shadows, and each person has the freedom to choose. Whether they shall fall or not depends on the strength of their spirits. Accepting evil is akin to losing this battle. Greed and hatred are the dark side of every person. Greed does not discriminate by either race, religion or gender.

What does ISIS (ISIL), the most dangerous of all terrorist organizations, have in common with the dictator Bashar Al Assad? It is greed! The greed for power is a disease more evil than the greed for money. You might not believe this, but the monstrous dictator Bashar Al Assad and the leaders of the disreputed terrorist organization ISIS share the same master, and it is greed. Any means of controlling people is alright with them. It is ghastly to see how charmingly the dictator Bashar Al Assad is presenting himself to the free world, as if he was a terrorist-fighting hero. Does this senseless dictator believe that the free world has already forgotten the fact that it was him who commanded his criminal hordes of murderers (who are not worth being called an army) to kill their own people with chemical weapons. And as if that wasn’t enough, he ordered them to kill the few remaining civilians – children, mothers and the elderly – with barrel bombs. Sadly, the Syrian Christians got hooked by the dictator, and so they did not join the uprising against Al Assad along with their Moslem brothers. They did not realize that turning their backs on them made them victims of the mad dictator, too. Freedom is an unalienable right of every person, and freedom was all that the hundreds of thousands of students and workers in Syria wanted! Although I respect president Obama’s current struggle to stop the massacre in Iraq by means of air raids, I have to note that he made a big mistake in Syria. When the dictator Bashar Al Assad crossed the red line by using chemical weapons to attack his own people, president Obama must have had ordered air raids against Al Assad’s military strongholds and communication lines, not just to protect the credibility of American policies towards the Middle East, but for the sake of the Syrian civilians too. As it says on the face of American banknotes: In God we trust! Because it is our faith in God that teaches us the noble values if freedom, due to which the U.S.A. is the most powerful nation in the world. Sadly, president Obama fell for the bluffs and the duplicity of the Russian emperor Putin. When I wrote that one dictator is always protecting the other, the White House administration thought that I went too far, but my claims soon turned out to be true. By annexing the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine, Putin tore off his own mask.

(It is interesting to see Russia, led by emperor Putin, always protecting dictatorial regimes, like those of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar al Assad and the like. Yes, that monster is killing innocent children, their mothers and fathers, old men and women. And all the Syrian people want is freedom. They want to live free, like Americans (U.S.A.), Japanese, Europeans (E.U.), South Koreans, New Zeland or Australians do. The Free Syrian Army is fighting their dictator with their bare hands, and what does the free world do? The free world is a hostage to Putin, who says that “his” Russia will defend Bashar al Assad with weapons, if need be. And why is he protecting this monster? Putin and his cunning diplomats coldly claim that Bashar al Assad is the only guarantee of peace in Syria, and that all those who fight the mad dictator are terrorists and Moslem fundamentalists. (Syrian opposition coalition and the Free Syrian Army&Kurdish fighters, who openly struggled for a democratic Syria, where every person, regardless of race, gender or religion would be able to live in freedom.) These days, Putin uses the same vocabulary when referring to Ukrainians. He calls the heroic Maidan Square protesters terrorists and fascists!… “Pussy Riot”-Young heroes and freedom fighters called lunatics and fascists. Why would Putin call these freedom fighters terrorists? President Putin is an obvious example of a greedy person. Putin wants to rule people! This makes him a member of the political caste that wants to rule people instead of serving them. If people think that Putin will be pleased with what they got so far, they are mistaken. The Americans, E.U. and others will remain in the coziness of their homes and say that it doesn’t concern them, but history teaches us that this is the wrong approach, because a greedy person can never have enough of what he lusts after. Putin will effortlessly swallow the Ukraine, and then proceed to the Moldova , and then proceed to the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania)… Poland…and then he just might, as a part of the domino effect, reach your cozy homes.Open link please: http://anton-shekhovtsov.blogspot.com/2014/03/is-putin-new-hitler-in-making.html – Still, any person with a sane mind and pure heart must admit that Putin (who is but a metaphor for all the political castes who rule over their nations like emperors) wouldn’t be able to succeed in his cunning plans, if not for the support of the common man. Putin knows that nationalism is the best bait for uneducated and primitive folks. The less educated and the more primitive the people are, the easier it is to rule them. I repeat: to me, the biggest of patriots is the one who helps his fellow men regardless of race, gender or religion. If people around the world would adopt that idea, the world would be free of war and hunger. Sadly, Putin is promoting nationalism instead of patriotism, and nationalism gives birth to hatred, and so it is not surprising to see the Russian minority in the Ukraine (which is also a majority in the Crimean peninsula), encouraged by Russian special forces, is threatening anyone who dares to call Crimea a part of Ukraine with bloody eyes and clenched fists. Isn’t that hatred at its purest? The extent of human blindness in its nationalist hatred is underlined by the fact that the Russian special forces, who have occupied Crimea, do not want to admit free world journalists, humanitarian organizations or OSCE observers, but they welcome well-armed Serbian chetniks. The Croatian national television, HRT, showed a feature about a Serb volunteer, a chetnik, fully armed and equipped, proudly claiming that he came to the Ukraine to fight beside his Russian brothers. These Serb chetniks brag about their war experience, because they fought Croats in Croatia, Bosnians in Bosnia, and Albanians in Kosovo. So, he and his compatriots are arriving into Ukraine from faraway Serbia to fight people the likes of whom they have never seen before. What’s the point? It should be said who these “brave” Serb chetnik volunteers really are. They were hiding behind Yugoslav army tanks and shooting at unarmed civilians, children, mothers and the elderly in Vukovar(Croatia), Srebrenica(B i H) and Kosovo. Everybody knows about the epic and heroic defense of the Croatian city of Vukovar, and war strategists often call it the “Croatian Alamo”, because a thousand poorly armed Croatian defenders managed to hold the city for months, withstanding the attacks of a far more powerful enemy, the Yugoslav army (controlled by the Serbs), and 30,000 Serb chetniks. Hundreds of tanks, hundreds of heavy weapons bombarded the city for days and nights, only to demolish it completely in the end. Then the “brave” Serbian chetniks entered the demolished city to shoot at anything that appeared to be moving, children, women, and the elderly. (Sadly, instead of offering a heartfelt apology to the victims, the Serbian government and Serbian president Nikolic call them criminals. Small wonder, considering that they are followers of Slobodan Milosevic, the butcher of the Balkans. – The free world can not understand why the Serbs always vote for the nationalist, are followers of Slobodan Milosevic, like Aleksandar Vucic … Apparently, they can change everything about themselves but their personalities. After all, to see for yourself what kind of monstrous manipulation this is about, you can open the link .After the hero city of Vukovar fell,Serbian chetniks, barbarians dressed in JNA uniforms started their bloody celebration in a completely destroyed city. Why did they do it? Because hatred is a curse of the primitive. 

This should make it clear that we are dealing with sick nationalists here. Such losers can only find meaning in hatred, and this is precisely what lured them to the Crimean peninsula. These ghastly soldiers of Satan make great servants to dictators. They used to serve Slobodan Milosevic, the butcher of the Balkans, and now they will just as kindly serve emperor Putin. Putin is using Ner’s tactics. Their ghastly motto is, the people are there for wars and looting, because you can’t play chess without pawns. I am praying for Putin to come to his senses before it’s too late for him and the world, or for the free world to make him go back to square one through isolation and sanctions. Sadly, there will be more Putins after Putin, because every person is fighting the two selves within, from their moment of birth. The dark truth is that Putin, as well as many other greedy people who are addicted to power, are using entire nations as a shield (Bashar al Assad, Kim Yong-Il, Castro…)

Albert Einstein said: “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Had the U.S.A., together with France, performed air raids on Bashar Al Assad’s dictatorial regime, it would have led to a conclusive victory for the Syrian opposition coalition and the Free Syrian Army&Kurdish fighters, who openly struggled for a democratic Syria, where every person, regardless of race, gender or religion would be able to live in freedom. Sadly, the air raids never happened (and I was particularly disappointed by the smug and cowardly British policies towards Syria). It was only a question of time before extremist islamic groups would gain power in Syria. Don’t you think that the cunning dictator helped them? Whom does the current chaos in Iraq and Syria suit most of all? The dictator Bashar Al Assad! Isn’t it strange how ISIS (ISIL) was quickly armed in Syria and then, lo and behold, just as quickly moved its units and heavy weaponry from Aleppo in central Syria towards northern Iraq? Do you really believe that they weren’t supported by the cunning dictator Bashar Al Assad?

We don’t have to accept evil in order to defeat it. The Syrian political opposition and the Free Syrian Army is in dire need of American logistic and military support, as well as American air raids against ISIL and Bashar Al Assad’s dictatorial regime. The Syrian opposition coalition and the Free Syrian Army should sign a contract in order to verify that they will create a new Syrian constitution after the fall of Al Assad, in which they will guarantee freedom to all religions in Syria, the freedom of speech, freedom for all political parties, a free market – all in all, all the values that are written down in the American constitution, the best and most noble of all the constitutions in the world. I have to repeat myself and say that the Arab spring is the key to victory over worldwide terrorism. Why? Because democracy gives rise to a defensive mechanism against greed and hatred in people. In a true democracy, each person is making decisions as a free individual, and they are responsible for their own lives, and we know that free individuals cannot be manipulated. This is also a recipe for peace in Palestine and Israel. The military occupation and inhumane rocket attacks against Gaza must be urgently stopped, because what the dominant Israeli army is doing only makes the Palestinians feed on hatred, even those who are still undecided, but who can become members of ISIS or another terrorist organization in the very near future. After all, the Lord teaches us that its is pagan and inhumane to bomb civilian buildings, and it is even more inhumane for Israeli citizens to watch that bombing from their hills, sitting in chairs and drinking beer, as if it was a movie theater. This is akin to betraying faith and God! Those who are doing it are infected with hatred and, as such, they are no different from ISIS. I am dreaming of the day when the HAMAS and Palestine will recognize Israel as a state, and when Israel will definitely recognize Palestine as a state, and use their great economic capacity to help Gaza rebuild whatever they tanks have destroyed. To make it clear, HAMAS is also making a mistake bombing Israeli civilians, and those who are doing it and destroying Israeli civilian residences are just as infected with hatred, and are no different from the ISIL terrorist organization. The most just of all judges, the man in the mirror, is humbly asking all those who are a part of the HAMAS and who profess their love for all Palestinians: are you really comfortable seeing dead children in their crying mothers’ embraces? The man in the mirror is asking all the Israelis who swear upon the Bible on a daily basis and claim that they love Israel more than their own lives the same question. Hatred is not only killing faith, but also love, in the absence of which there is no true patriotism.

My message to the political leaders of the free world: be responsible and protect freedom.

Without the freedom of the individual, there is no free nation. Without humane humans, there is no humane system because, lest we forget, the system isn’t created by robots and computers, but by every person as a free individual. I would like to conclude by saying that each person is intelligent to the point that they are capable of fighting for their own freedom, and doing good unto others.

We should never forget those values that make us human: compassion, love, honesty, conscience, MOTHER NATURE, freedom and faith. Let us not forget that a strong spirit is a person’s best ally in times of temptation. In the thick forest of temptation, a man without conscience is like a lamp without oil.

We should treat other humans in a manner that is more humane, because those who vow to love mankind should know that there is no mankind without man.

A man’s heart is small, but it is surrounded by the immensity of its soul.

Walter William Safar



By Walter William Safar