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By  Walter William Safar

Skeptical scientists and seismologists might say that this poet is speaking in tongues, but I will use my fountain pen, dipped into the ink of conscience, to use this essay to prove the malicious effect that human greed has on nature and human survival, and that only the synergy of humans and nature can cause mankind to rise to another intelectual and spiritual dimension, so that we may travel into space. Should that not happen, mankind shall destroy itself.

Let us not forget that the world’s greatest scientific and artistic minds were religious, from Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci to Albert Einstein (

Some astronomers, who work on discoveries of inexplicably huge macroscopic complexities, reach the conclusion that the universe clearly shows properties of inteligent design. Famous physicist Sir James Jeans once said: „The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.“ In their own ways, many scientists reflect the views of St. Paul: „So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.“ (2 Corinthians, 4:18). Or, as Henry Drummond put it in his book „Natural Law in the Spiritual World“: „The physical properties of matter form the alphabet which is put into our hands by God, the study of which, if properly conducted, will enable us more perfectly to read that great book which we call the ‘Universe.’“

Ralph Waldo Trine wrote:

“Everything exists in the unseen before it is manifested or realized in the seen, and in this sense it is true that the unseen things are the real, while the things that are seen are the unreal. The unseen things are the cause, the seen things are effect. The unseen things are the eternal the seen things are the changing, the transient.”

What do these great and illuminated minds, as well as many others, tell us about the infinity of the invisible? “In the evolution of scientific thought, one fact has become impressively clear—that there is no mystery of the physical world which does not point to a mystery beyond itself… Man’s inescapable impasse is that he himself is part of the world that he seeks to explore — his body and proud brain are but mosaics of the same elemental particles that compose the dark, drifting clouds of interstellar space.” (Lincoln Barnett in his book The Universe and Dr. Einstein)

Some skeptics will smirk at this, skeptically saying that they only believe in what they can see, but the noblest of things cannot be seen. You cannot see love, but we our self are the best proof that it exists. You cannot see air, but we know that it exists, because we woudn’t be able to live without it. We cannot see the wind, but we can feel it, we cannot see the warmth of the sun, but we can also feel it. This bond between nature and humans is the best proof of the Creator’s existence.

Einstein once confided in his friend John O. that all that is invisible to the human eye is much more real than all that is visible, and that this invisible driving force is travelling the space wormhole like human thoughts travel the wromhole of the mind. This claim is precisely what I shall prove in this essay by using evidence. Yes, whatever is invisible to the human eye is visible to the human soul. The driving force behind humans and life in the universe is invisible to the naked eye, including love, air (without which there is no life), the wind which fertilizes nature, and God, the creator of all that is living. One civilization in this universe which lives in synergy with nature is also travelling the universe thanks to the energy of stars, which is available in any galaxy outside the wormhole Orion 458. Those beings who are not in synergy with nature have confined themselves to the darkness of ignorance, throwing their anchors in the middle of the ocean of dreams.

Nature has the kind of power that humans never had, and it can unleash it upon humans at a whim. Still, its love for humanity is so huge that it always provides another opportunity. I often wonder what kind of invisible hand is driving people towards the edge. What is driving humans into poisoning their own minds and souls, as well as nature? Reason tells us that humans cannot survive without synergy between mankind and nature. More often than not, history has shown that the demonic elixir of greed poisoned human minds and souls to the point where they seem to be marching into the void, particularly in the new millenium. Nature is polluted due to greed, urban green ares are paved, the Amazon is exploited as if it was cut in half by some gigantic demonic scalpel, and let us not forget that the Amazon is effectively the lungs of our planet. In a feverish race towards the domination of the yuan over the U.S. dollar, China is becoming the world’s greatest source of epidemics and pandemics, as well as greenhouse gasses, and the U.S.A., Russia and India are on their heels, and thus Chinese cities are suffocating in smog, even though they touched the horns of the golden calf. (

Nature itself has its defense mechanisms to stop us from polluting it further. Do you need proof for that? Open this link and you will realize that this is not just the product of one poet’s vivid imagination, but rather a proven scientific fact.


Coronavirus Lockdown: Health Of River Ganga Improves

The health of Ganga River has seen significant improvement since enforcement of the nationwide lockdown that has led to reduction in the dumping of industrial waste into it, experts have said.

Read more at:


Let us continue:

This excellent investigative documentary describes the links between the Chinese communist government and one of the world’s most powerful bank with surgical precision. American and Swiss courts have accused them for money laundering in the amount of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Americans, led by senator Elizabeth Warren, attempted to prohibit the bank’s work, but „high politics“ intervened under the guise of market stability, whereby they thought of the stability of bank accounts of high ranking political officials from the UK, Switzerland, America and all the way to communist China, which only goes to show that greed doesn’t discriminate between race, gender or religion. You will find greed as much in communist dictatorship societies as in democratic ones. All scientific proof points towards the fact that the Chinese communist government was fully aware when they masked the spread of the virus in Wuhan.

President Trump was right to blame the Chinese communist government for the spreading of the virus, which he called the Chinese virus. This has nothing to do with racism, but rather with the fact that, in order to prevent future apocalyptic scenarios, the truth should be required even from the mighty communist oligarchy, even if the liberal media protested Trump’s statement, not understanding that they are spitting into the wind. Sadly, Trump skipped to plan B by professing his eternal love for the lifelong Chinese president Xi Jinping, his government and the people of China, stating that the communist government has done a great job fighting the pandemic. Whether it was because of the pressure he felt from powerful corporations or something else, it shall remain a secret, as well as the „love letter“ Trump sent to the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, whom he flattered for masterfully stopping the virus at his country’s borders. Only Trump can make such a statement on the person who turned North Korea into the world’s biggest concentration camp. Here’s an unmasking article:

China recasts itself as global coronavirus response leader as US, Europe struggle –

People are wondering: how did the Coronavirus appear?

Life teaches us that anything unnatural creates virii (virus), because they are nature’s self-defense mechanism. It is wrong for people to eat bats (as they are a natural habitat for virii) or bugs, and this unnatural situation led to the appearance of the coronavirus inside human cells in Wuhan. Wuhan is located in the Jianghan valley, at the confluence of Hanshui and Jangtze. It is a plain exposed to frequent flooding. There are many lakes within the city limits. There is a monsoon climate with very hot and rainy summers, and mild and dry winters with occasional snowfall. Sadly, this also means that it is fertile soil for SARS family virus mutations, a member of which is also Covid-19. The Coronavirus viral lung inflammation belongs to the SARS virus family, which also originated in China.

The newer part of the city and the downtown business center with many modern buildings is located on the left bank of the river, while the old city core with historical buildings is on the right bank. In the middle of a swampy area, myriads of workers live in inhumane conditions, working for miserable wages, unprotected by unions, without medical insurance, which makes them the most faithful clients of markets where bats and bugs are sold as culinary „delicacies“. These people were forced to move to the urban area from thousands of destroyed villages which were replaced by thousands of factories. They were working in agriculture in an area which became industrial as of lately These hapless Chinese workers do not eat bats and bugs for their culinary value, but because they are in need – an empty stomach never asks questions. Of course, it’s all in the name of the communist industrial boom which resulted into an incredible number of communist party billionaires, backed by the greedy shareholders of America’s greatest corporations, and by other western countries who perceived China as an opportunity for quick money making schemes within the Chinese slaveholding system. Nobody cares for workers or mother Nature in this vicious cycle of greed. This essay is good at describing how damaging greed is for mankind and nature:

What is the optimal cure for the virus? PREVENTION.

Let us return to basic human reason, which is useless in the absence of the compassion of human souls:

People wonder how the coronavirus was created. Scientists point out that the chief reasons were poverty and a cold-hearted system. In order to fight poverty, PREVENTION is the key. To show compassion for those in need is the mother of all preventive methods against the mother of all diseases, which is greed. There is an even more dangerous virus which people aren’t even aware of, and it is greed. How can we defeat the most dangerous virus of them all, the virus of greed, which is demonically spreading? Love and compassion are the most helpful vaccines for mankind. 

Once again, the Chinese do not eat bats and bugs for their culinary value, but because they are in need – an empty stomach never asks questions.

A billionaire buys 7-year-old daughter Blue Moon diamond for… 

So, a Chinese billionaire bought a 48 million dollar gift for his seven-year old daughter? Any person with a sane mind and pure heart must wonder if it’s actually possible for this billionaire not to understand that a seven-year old child isn’t even aware of the value of a diamond in front of which weak-spirited people are kneeling. Is this arrogant billionaire yet to learn the lesson of life, that happiness can’t be bought?

One must wonder about the future self-perception of this child upon reaching adulthood. Will this chil ever ask its father about the number of hungry children he might have saved with that amount of money? Perhaps the child would be prouder to know that the father had spent this money feeding children living in poverty. But who can prevent anyone from spending their money any way they please? Would one diamond feed hundreds of millions of hungry mouths? Those who adore diamonds might ask just that. There are countless questions hovering above humanity, like bats in the myst. A diamond like that might not be able to feed all of them, but if every wealthy person would donate the countervalue of such a diamond to educate and feed the poor, which would certainly cut poverty in half, because the chain of kindness is shining much brighter than a cold chain made of gold.

Naturally, I am not giving the thumbs up for a revolution, because history taught us that every revolution eats its children. Revolutions have often been the breeding ground for eerie ideologies. We should never forget that the Nazi ideology took 60 million lives, while the communist ideology claimed a total of 120 million. But let us ponder on the guilt of the mother of all ideology – greed itself. Throughout history, the death toll of greed exceeded all plagues combined. Greed is like a mother to the four riders of the apocalypse – war, hunger, disease and death, riding through time and space on the wings of greed.

Forbes Magazine published the fact that communist China eventually reached a higher number of billionaires than capitalist America. What does this tell us? It is wrong to divide people along ideological left and right wing lines is simply wrong, because we should never forget that every person has, and must have, the freedom to choose.

Whether it was intentionally or subconsciously, Trump forced the greedy shareholders of American corporations to return outsourced production to America through drastic tax cuts and regulation, thus putting an end to exploit Chinese workers as slaves. Of course, there are still many greedy shareholders who won’t give up on quick moneymaking in China, because they would have to pay halfway decent wages to American employees, unless they want a session with the unions and the IRS. But they will soon see red because, just as nature has its self-defense mechanism, so does economy. The coronavirus isn’t just dangerous for human health, but also for global economy, because it’s the law of communicating vessels of life. As shown by the exhibited proof, the virus is nature’s self-defense mechanism. By reprogramming somatic cores, humans are attempting to clone stem cells in order to defeat terminal diseases. Nature is also reprogramming the virus to defend itself from humans, and it’s that law of communicating vessels. Just like human stem cells can reprogram somatic cores, so can nature. The sun is creating warmth by reprogramming somatic cells of neurons 5390/23%598-34.

Why? And why not expect nature to defend itself from poisoning, with the help of a virus or an earthquake, by sobering mankind up? But that darn greed with its golden horns is preying on human weakness in the dark, reasoning that everything will continue as per usual after the disappearance of virii(virus)  and earthquakes because, after all, evil feeds on weak human spirits. How can we defeat the most dangerous virus of them all, the virus of greed, which is demonically spreading? Love and compassion are the most helpful vaccines for mankind.

Trump scared the scientific community headed by the diligent and congenial Anthony Faucci by stating that quarantines should end by some point in April, because it doesn’t suit the American spirit. By that, he probably meant the shareholders’ bank accounts, because no growth can be expected on Wall Street without consumption, and public health is obviously a non-issue. Presidential candidate Joe Biden offered some good advice: Trump should ‘stop talking and start listening to the medical experts’ –

Nature has more love for humans than the other way round. This virus shall disappear within months. In six months or a year, people will create a vaccine to fight this virus, but what about the next one? SARS family virii  tend to mutate, and each new one will be more dangerous than the previous one. If the Chinese continue to pollute nature due to its self-important economic dominance, and if Trump persists in his blind servitude to oil companies, the virus might mutate in autumn and return in a much more dangerous shape. It’s time for president Trump to do something to demonstrate his care for the health of the American nation and nature itself. For starters, he should immediately sign the Paris agreement:

Next, he should urgently meet with American immunobiologists, molecular geneticists and NASA physicists (nature and the sun can provide mankind with much cleaner and more efficient energy than fossil fuels, and even take us to other galaxies), as well as investors and banks in order to found a mega investment plan towards renewable energy sources and the protection of our planet:

If Trump won’t do it, then American people have a duty to provide Joe Biden with a chance at the forthcoming presidential elections. He has proven himself to be a protector of nature.

In a speech, Joe Biden publically reached out to young Republicans and Democrats to lead us along the path of dreams towards a brighter future. This is the unity for which America is yearning. Young Republicans reached out to Trump, but he refused them, hoping for continuing support and blind loyalty of the Trumpists.

Young Republicans push party to act on climate change –


Read more at:

Life’s Lessons from Mother Nature

Jayaram V : „This message is about the lessons, which one can learn from Nature about survival, success, flexibility, openness, adaptability, strength, and discipline. No one learns from failure better than Nature. No one is more flexible, adaptable, open, and resilient. ”

Certainly, Nature is a far superior mechanism, from which you can learn many lessons to improve yourself and deal with the problems and challenges which life throws at you. In worldly life, it will help you channel your energies, skills and talents to achieve worldly ends and in spiritual life to con-trol your lower Nature and experience peace and stability.

Nature is flexible. It creates diverse life forms which can thrive in a wide range of climates, from the coldest places on the planet to the hottest places, on land, in air and water, miles above in the stra-tosphere, and miles deep in the oceans. It has set routines and programs, but uses them freely accor-ding to the situation. You can learn from Nature to be flexible so that you can vastly improve your chances of success. You may have fixed principles and values, but you can apply them in different situations. For example, you can respond to situations in different ways according to your needs and circumstances, without losing your soul. You can free your mind from fixed notions, irrational beli-efs, rigidity, prejudice and selective thinking, and readily embrace change, diversity of opinion, new ideas and solutions. Flexible people are easy to work with. They are more dependable. Therefore, cultivate flexibility so that you will have more opportunities to learn from your experience and reach your goals.

Nature is shockproof. Nothing can break its spirit. It survives even the worst of cataclysmic events. It is mutable, but indestructible. In tough environments, Nature becomes even tougher and remains invulnerable, yet flexible. The diverse components of Nature work in tandem to create harmony and synergy. In Nature, everything has its own place, value and importance. It is a holistic system, in which diverse parts, aspects, dualities and opposites work together to sustain life and establish balance. We have the same system working in our minds and bodies. Like Nature, you can keep your mind flexible and open, but your spirit strong. You can follow the same prin-ciple to protect yourself from trouble and disorderliness. By cultivating discipline, practicing rules and restraints, honoring time-tested traditions, values and code of conduct, you can protect your soul and keep your negative and self-destructive behavior under control. Nature is a very powerful mechanism. Although it has unlimited potential and is invincible, it is still bound to certain discipline, norms, patterns, programs, universal laws and predictable behavior. For example, the laws of physics, chemistry, gravitation, space and time are universal and inviolable.

You are an aspect of Nature and a personification of Nature. Nature lives in you as your very mind and body. By understanding its methods and mechanism, you can greatly improve your chances of success and survival. – .”

In synergy with the human mind and soul, nature can lead mankind to a brighter future…

According to one story, while lying on a couch, Einstein closed his eyes and saw a man traveling at the speed of light. Due to this intriguing imagery, he started conducting thought experiments, which were seemingly mere flights of fancy. However, only a few years later, the viewpoints of the entire scientific community changed when nature itself affirmed Einstein’s transcendental visions. His thought experiments were rewarded with mankind’s immense progress. What is a thought experiment? It’s a particular way of leading our mind to new places, prompting ourselves into looking at things from a different angle.

Imelda Shanklin wrote: “When you rule your mind you rule your world. When you choose your thoughts you choose results. The visible part of your life stems from your mind, and your thoughts shape it and mark it, just like coins are shaped and marked by mechanisms through which ore is turned into coins. So, if we become a part of what we think, how can we reach the fear that leads the way from the “invisible” to the “visible”?”

Yes, life wisely teaches us, the children of the sacred soul, about emotions – love, sadness, happiness we cannot see, yet we know they exist in us and around us. Just like we feel that He exists in us and around us. This is the feeling that the spiritual eye sees more clearly than any microscope or scientific eye. “Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal.” (Mary Baker Eddy)

-Voice of Friend: Forget fossil fuels

Nature is lending mankind a hand. Ships, airplanes, cars, factories and all the energy they require can and must come from the sun’s energy, not fossil fuels. This is not a figment of a poet’s imagination, but a scientifically proven fact:

1)-What Is The Future Of Planet Earth? –

2)-This energy startup has made a solar breakthrough (VIDEO)

3)-One Word Change Expands NASA’s Vision for Future Airspace Mobility –

Mankind is only at the first level of civilization. In order to attain the second level, it must defeat the virus of greed, which is the driving force behind many wars and hunger in the world, as well as the pollution of nature. In the habitable zone of the galaxy triot 56/23, there is a twin planet, Kepler-poet/239*-92-w

The inhabitants of this planet are on third level of civilization. Measured in earth time, they are 564 light years away and 450,000 years ahead. Mankind can only dream of landing on Mars, and only with a conventional space vehicle driven by old fuel sources, while our brothers and sisters from Kepler travel use their sun’s energy to travel at the speed of thought, thus transversing the cosmic wormhole leading them to our solar system and planet Earth. Will mankind accept mother nature’s help and dispose of fossil fuels? Well, it’s mankind’s choice. Let this essay be a guide to those who are fighting for more power and money, blinded by greed. If not, then let all the people of good will take their destinies into their own hands, because we are running out of time to do something. I am currently writing a novel describing how are brothers and sisters from Kepler are communicating with earthlings. Whether this novel will be published as science fiction or fact, it depends on mankind itself.

Whenever I’m asked about the most effective cure for Covid-19 and other diseases, including the virus of greed, the only answer I can offer is love and compassion! Sadly, Covid-19 is rapidly and deadly spreading around the world. President Trump, who thinks that we are under attack from an invisible enemy, should know that nature loves us much, much more than we love nature. Because of this, the horrible viral pandemic will vanish in four to five weeks, but it will remain as a warning within us, for all of us to become better people and to protect nature,m to love nature as nature loves us, unless we want the virus to mutate into something even deadlier and hit us in a second wave in autumn.

P.S. Like so many times before, I shall open my heart, because our Creator is mercifully teaching us to open ourselves to Him and welcome Him into our homes. More than a month ago, I have burnt a manuscript I have been typing for many days and nights on an old typewriter given to me as a gift by my beloved and wise late professor Dickenson. It has also been used by my brother in arms, Ernest Hemingway. No doubt, these two great are shining up in the heavenly fields, walking the path of dreams and winking at immortality. You might ask yourself why I soaked the manuscript in whiskey and set it on fire. Well, it was because I kind of had an argument with the hero of the novel. Whether it was the result of stress, fatigue or madness, I don’t know, but what I know is that all my effort, pride, love and hope vanished in violet flames. After a bout with depression, I started rewriting the novel (the hero is a young molecular geneticist who by chance discovers a method for reprogramming the somatic cores of stem cells, and comes into contact with a being from a higher civilization, which attempts to turn him into a speaker for mother nature, in the name of mankind’s salvation). To cut a long story short, I once again disagreed with the hero of my novel at six A.M. on a Sunday, getting ready to set fire on the manuscript just like I did before, when everything around me starting shaking. The walls of my apartment seemed to dance and expand as if they were made of paper.

All in all, an actual earthquake kept me from burning the manuscript and a part of my soul. Was it a message from mother nature?

From that day on, I am writing even more intensely, as if something from nature’s message remained in a reality. I’m doing it in a harsher way, as if the novel’s hero is telling me that I must do it at any cost… Could president Trump and other world leaders learn something from this message. or will they just wave it off as a poet’s vivid imagination?