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Holidays in Nin, the most romantic city in Europe (Adriatic Sea/Croatia)

Nin tz nin

Welcome to Nin, a beautiful tourist resort in the vicinity of Zadar, in northern Dalmatia. Welcome to the oldest Croatian royal town filled with historic monuments and sandy beaches (but also peloid – medicinal mud). Welcome to MACAN suites and rooms with your caring hosts, Jelka and Jozo Macan and their family

nin naslovna

Welcome to NIN

MACAN suites are housed in two two-story villas surrounded by a beautiful private plot, Jelka’s flower beds and Jozo’s garden, where guests can pick their own vegetables for salads. At the end of summer they can even enjoy picking ripe fruit like figs and grapes. During the day and in the evening guests can sit and at the tables on park benches and even enjoy a barbecue and delicious food prepared in the dutch oven. Parking spaces are provided. MACAN suites are situated at the entrance into Nin from the direction of Zadar, by the Zadar road n. 25. The suites are located 300 meters from the beach and 300 meters from Nin’s old town centre and the old archeological sites. They are only a kilometer away from the famous and magnificent Tourist resort of ZATON. Many guests keep returning after their first stay or just drop in during the year to visit Jelka and Jozo Macan.

Nin is a truly special and unique place.

NIN is the most romantic place in Europe for 2015. So, come and enjoy at the best price!

Nin Croatia apartments Jozo Macan 3

The suite “The STUDIO”

    • Located in a family villa (accommodates 3 persons)
    • 1st floor
    • A 3–bedded room (1 big bed + 1 single bed)
    • Bathroom + toilet
    • Kitchen and dining room
    • Balcony with grill and dutch oven, park benches and tables
    • tv, air conditioning, free wifi

PRICES – Season: 50 € / Low season: 30 € (Season: from 01 July to 30 August)

Nin Croatia apartments Jozo Macan 5

The suite “JADRAN”

  • Located in a family villa (accommodates 4 persons)
  • 2 double rooms
  • 1st floor
  • Bathroom + toilet
  • Built-in balcony with a grill and dutch oven, park benches and tables
  • tv, air conditioning, free wifi

PRICES – Seasons: 50 € / Low seasons: 30 € (Season: from 01 July to 30 August)

Nin Croatia apartments Jozo Macan 6

The exclusive suite “The RESIDENCE”

    • A brand new beautiful and comfortable family villa (perfect for 6, possibly for 10 persons)
    • 1st floor, 100 square meters (air conditioning, TV)
    • 2 3-bedded rooms (1 big bed + 1 single bed)
    • 2 bathrooms + 2 toilets
    • Room (2 beds + 1), bathroom, toilet
    • Room (2 beds + 1), bathroom, toilet
    • A large lounge, 40 square meters (good for another 4 beds) with a kitchen and dining room
    • Terrace with a grill and dutch oven, park benches and tables
    • tv, air conditioning, free wifi

PRICES – Seasons: 100 € / Low Seasons: 60 € (Season: from 01 July to 30 August)

Nin Croatia apartments Jozo Macan 7

Contact persons (foreign languages)

mob: (**385) 099 4005588

mob: (**385)  098 9678955

mob: (**385) 098 9080495

Suites ”MACAN”
25 Zadarska Street
23232 Nin
Tel. (++385) 023 264-176

Please make all reservations of suites on time.
Please contact us right away on the E-mail adress, phone number of cell phone number listed here.
Reservations are made by paying a 10% deposit of the total price to the bank account number. The paid amount is included in the final price. The paid deposit is not refundable if the guest cancels the reservation without a valid cause.

Nin Croatia apartments Jozo Macan 8


Nin’s famous long sandy beaches are located in the vicinity of the villas. Children are the ones who especially love the sandy beaches where they can swim, play and build sand castles.

Nearby, just a few kilometres away from Nin’s beautiful sandy beaches (the most famous being PLIŠA and ŽDRIJAC) is the tourist resort ZATON, with it’s long beaches and the faclities that can accomodate several thousand guests.

Nin is surrounded by the sea for tens of kilometres on one side and the mouth of the Jaruga river on the other. The river is ideal for swimmers who prefer deeper waters or who like diving.

On the way to ZADAR and PETRČANI are several famous beaches with shade and deeper seas: PUNTA SKATA and PINIJA.

Further away toward the island VIR are the beaches of PRIVLAKA…

Nin Croatia apartments Jozo Macan 4

Cultural heritage

It’s impossible to write birefly about the cultural heritage of Nin. When you speak about the cultural heritage of Nin you are speaking about the history and cultural heritage of Croatia. Many kings and bishops kept court in Nin. The well known church of the St. Cross from the 9th century is the smallest cathedral in the world, but also the oldest cathedral in Croatia. On your way from Zadar, after passing Zaton, located on a small hill on the side of the road, is the ancient church of St. Nikola, that people frequently visit on foot. For good luck you can touch the worn out big toe of the great statue of Grgur of Nin, sculpted by the famous artist Ivan Meštrović. Artifacts made of silver and gold are definetly worth visiting, as well as the museums, galleries, the excavations od the temple of Venus and countless other sights. Every summer, along with a multitude of other events, a seven-day art colony called MORE (THE SEA) is held. Its host are your hosts Jozo and Jelka. Nin is a town in which you cannot dig without stumbling upon a Roman-age artifact of some sort.

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The city walls of Nin are reasonably well preserved. The entrance to the old town of Nin is over a stone bridge and through the Bardela gate. Next to the second gate is the renovated church of St. Ambrosius. The church of St. Anselmo and it’s tower dominate the city. The old town of Nin is a small island you can walk around. It’s nice to stroll through Nin’s town centre in any time of the year. The peace and quiet in the winter is nice, but so are the crowds in the summer where you can enjoy Nin’s festivities by the sea. The timidity of the landscape is very pleasing to children.

Nin really is special and unique.

Nin Croatia apartments Jozo Macan 9MACAN apartments on the first floor (Nin, Zadarska 25, Croatia)

Nin’s surroundings

Nin is located about 12 kilometres west of the city of ZADAR, by the sea. Some say that the beautyful city of Zadar is the most beautyful city in the world, with the unique sea organ and the most beautiful sunsets. In the near and far surroundings (30 to 150 kilometres) of Nin there are 5 national parks:
KORNATI – a national park with hundreds of islands
PLITVICE – a magnificent national park with 15 cascading lakes in untouched nature
THE FALLS OF KRKA – the unique waterfalls of the river Krka
PAKLENICA – a national park up in the mountain Velebit but not far from the sea
NORTHERN VELEBIT – an untouched natural reservation

There are a multitude of inhabited islands in the sea around Nin, and the hinterland is teem with country tourism.

nin mozaik

How to reach Nin?

Nin is very easy to reach from any part of the world. About twenty kilometres from Nin, there is an airport in ZEMUNIK that receives international flights from all over the world.

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Nin can be reached form Zagreb using the new A1 motorway in only 2,5 hours (300 kilometres). Nin is located half way down the Adriatic coast. It is, like Zadar, well connected by ferry lines with neigbouring Italy.

Nin Croatia apartments Jozo Macan 10


Distances to important places from The MACAN Suites, Nin

Sea 200 m

Sports center 500 m

Bus station50 m

Gas station 300 m

Beaches 500 m

Ambulance / doktor 30 m

Traim station 12 km

Discotheque 100 m

Center  300 m

Farmacy 50 m

Airport 15 km

Casino 12 km

Market 50 m

Bank / bankomat 50 m

Port / Marina 300 m

Nacional park 70 km

Restaurant 150 m

Post ofice 100 m

Town ZADAR: 12 km

Island VIR: 5 km

Tourist Resort ZATON: 1.5 km